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General Information

The University of Texas at San Antonio

The University’s Main Campus address is The University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249. The main telephone number is (210) 458-4011. The address of the Downtown Campus is 501 César E. Chávez Boulevard, San Antonio, Texas 78207. The main telephone number is (210) 458-2700. Visit UTSA on the Web at


The University Calendar lists all academic deadlines, University holidays, and commencement services.

Detailed calendars of academic deadlines for each semester, as well as registration and final exam schedules, are located in ASAP.

Admission application deadlines can be found at

University Catalogs

UTSA Information Bulletin gives important information about academic policies and procedures that apply to all students, regardless of the catalog under which they are seeking their degree. It includes residence requirements, policies on grades and the grade point average, credit by examination, adding and dropping courses and withdrawal from the University, and scholastic probation and dismissal. This annual publication also gives historical and current information about the University’s organization and physical facilities.

The UTSA Undergraduate Catalog and the UTSA Graduate Catalog provide information about degrees offered by the colleges, degree requirements for all majors, courses offered in the departments, and the faculty in each area.

Academic Advising

UTSA views sound academic advising as a significant responsibility in educating its students. Employing developmental advising principles, UTSA academic advisors offer academic advising and guidance to empower students to realize their full potential. For this reason, each student is assigned to a particular professional academic advisor whom he or she may consult on all academic and curricular issues.

Many individuals within the UTSA community contribute to the advising process, including faculty mentors and professional staff academic advisors. Students are encouraged to develop mentoring relationships with faculty for additional information and support.

Students are ultimately responsible for knowing and meeting degree requirements, for enrolling in appropriate courses to ensure orderly and timely completion of their degree programs, and for following the rules and policies of UTSA as found in the catalog, the current UTSA Information Bulletin, and the online schedule of classes. Each professional advisor sees students concerning all matters related to their academic status, such as progress toward degree completion, graduation status, academic warning, academic probation, academic dismissal, and changing majors. Students who are on academic warning or academic probation for the first time or who are reinstated after academic dismissal or with a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) deficiency are required to be advised, and holds are placed on their registration records to ensure that the student meets with the advisor. Students may also be required to meet with an advisor to obtain approval to register for restricted courses.

Frequent advisor contact provides students with current academic information and promotes progress toward educational goals. All students, regardless of classification or major, accepted into the Honors College are advised through the Honors College.