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Dear Student Government  Members,

As a member of the Student Government Association you will be serving over 30,000 students. Being an elected representative of the University of Texas at San Antonio symbolizes membership and an unparalleled opportunity  in the most prestigious organization on campus. As our states, we must responsibly represent our constituents. That prestige means we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. Responsible representation  means two things; one, knowing what our constituents are communicating and needing, and two, serving such constituents as powerful advocated for their needs.

First, responsibly representing  our constituents means we must know whom we represent and what their needs are; it means knowing how our constituents prioritize those needs. Knowing the impact that concerns have on our students' lives necessitates focus, purpose, and the ability to be more effective in moving UTSA to Tier One. The voice of SGA and its members serves as a guide to the University, and in our silence, it becomes more difficult for UTSA to identify our concerns. The only way we can bring out change is by convincing others, both inside and outside ofUTSA, that our ideas truly represent what the student body wants to see and needs to see.

As a member of Student Government, you have the power to define UTSA's future. The Roadrunner statue, the expansion of dining hours, turning the Sombrilla fountain back on, the spreading ofUTSA's brand out to the community by delivering flags and pendants, passing 17 resolutions over controversial topics around our state that were sent out to state legislators and senators are a few of the initiatives that were initiated by Student Government. Know that your voice as a representative of the student body will make a difference. Responsible representation  means making an impact on campus; all it takes is drive, motivation  and determination.

In the coming years your legacy will be serving the students you were elected to represent, the students you build a lasting connection with, and the positive changes you help make an impact at UTSA. I look forward to an excellent 2015-2016 academic school year, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to personally work with all of you. Go Runners!


Ileana Gonzalez

Student Government Association President