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Construction Safety Program



The Office of Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management's Construction Safety Program is designed to minimize risks and protect the UTSA community as the University continues to grow. This is achieved through safety training, construction site inspections, and environmental monitoring. The Construction Safety Program is administered by the Environmental Protection & Construction Safety Division (EPCSD).

Construction Site Inspections

To ensure contractors are following safety standards and industry best practices, our team regularly conducts inspections of the working conditions at on-campus construction sites. We assess these sites to ensure that appropriate equipment and procedures are in use, in order to protect those at the worksite as well surrounding areas.


Our team provides the following training courses for UTSA staff and faculty:

North Paseo Building - October 2013
  • SA 0471: Basic Safety for Maintenance: This course discusses many basic safety issues encountered during our every day work tasks, including physical safety, personnel protection, weather-related issues, and basic everyday safety.
  • SA 0442: Forklift Training: Learn and discuss the OSHA standards and UTSA procedures for operating a forklift at University facilities. Course work will include classroom presentation and discussion of standards, procedures, and safe practices, followed by hands-on operation of a forklift and performance of various maneuvers - both with and without a load. ***THIS TRAINING IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO OPERATING A UTSA FORKLIFT.***
  • SA 0455: Asbestos & Indoor Air Quality : Will discuss basic information regarding asbestos, the health effects of asbestos, and the procedures for dealing with asbestos at UTSA to comply with state and federal regulations and minimize potential exposure risks. Will discuss the variety of items that affect our indoor work environment.
  • SA 0468: Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, and Hot Work Permits: Will present and discuss OSHA regulations and UTSA procedures for each of these safety related topics. Will explain when, why and how LockOut/TagOut procedures should be implemented. Will explain what constitutes a confined space and what procedures must be implemented for entry. Will explain what types of activities are defined as Hot Work and the procedures that must be implemented to perform such work.
  • SA 0469: Scaffold Building & Fall Protection: This course includes OSHA regulations for fall protection and proper scaffold building.

To sign up for training, go to For more information on the Construction Safety Program, contact us.