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Children in Labs


To ensure safety in UTSA laboratories and in light of federal regulations prohibiting exposure of children to hazardous conditions in the workplace, a policy to establish standard operating procedures for minors has been established by the VP for Academic affairs.

HOP policy 2.44 Minors in Laboratories or Similar Facilities was published at UTSA as of May 25, 2011. To review the specifics of this policy please go to:

All laboratories planning to mentor or provide tours to minors through UTSA laboratory facilities should review this policy and obtain written approval using the authorization forms below. EHSRM can provide guidance on the type of safety training needed if a minor will be participating in research in a laboratory environment.

Associated forms

Original associated forms shall be retained by the Department overseeing minor activities in the laboratory. Additional copies should also be sent to EHSRM.

For questions about the specifics of this policy please contact Institutional Compliance and Risk Services at 210-458-5537.

For laboratory safety and safety training questions please contact the Lab Safety Division at 210-458- 5807 or 210-458-6697.