RecycleMania 2019

RecycleMania 2019

Go UTSA! Join us as we compete against top universities in RecycleMania! Competition begins February 2019! more...

Shred Day 2019

Shred Day 2019

As part of RecycleMania, UTSA provides sensitive document shredding on February 13. more...

Health For the Holidays

Health for the Holidays

Would you like to win a Diploma Dash 5k Registration? Keep an eye out for your email invitation—registration opens Jan. 2!

What Can I Recycle?

What Can I Recycle?

Got a question about recycleables? Download and share our flyer (PDF)

Rowdy New U

Rowdy New U

Stressed out? Low on energy?

Enhance your health and well-being by linking up with Rowdy New U!

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I sign up for training?

What training courses do I need?

What is considered passing for your training courses?

How do I get my certificate?

Do you offer in-class training?


How do I dispose of chemical and biological waste?

How do I dispose of radioactive waste?


How do I complete a chemical inventory form?

What are secondary chemical labels and why do I need them?

How do I determine the maximum quantity of each chemical in my lab?

How do I determine the average daily amount of each chemical in my lab?

Should I include an exact inventory of the amounts of chemicals in my lab for the annual inventory?

What if my inventory has not changed in the last year?

How do I submit a chemical inventory form?

How often do I need to submit an inventory?

Chemical Safety Committee

Which chemicals are required to have a Chemical Safety Committee (CSC) Protocol?

Lab Evaluation Program

How is the frequency of evaluations of determined?


What is in a spill kit?

As a faculty member with a lab what should I do before I leave UTSA?

How do I prepare lab equipment for Surplus?

How do I dispose of lab equipment?

What do I need to do in order to ship lab equipment for repair?

My BSC needs to be recertified, what do I need to do?

What PPE do I need to wear in the lab?

Why is it inappropriate to wear shorts and/or sandals in lab?

What is a gold star lab and how does my lab qualify?

I am purchasing a laser, what do I need to do?

I want to work with select agents, what do I need to do?

I want to work with a controlled substance, what do I need to do?

For further information contact the Lab Safety Division.