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Laboratory Safety Training


Laboratory Safety Training Guidelines Video

How do I sign up for training?


Training information for online and classroom courses can be found at: (myUTSA login required). After logging in, look for the course in the Courses Enrolled block, and if the course is not listed in "Courses Enrolled", then select the "Course Category" labeled "Laboratory Safety", and then click the course you wish to take.


Training information for online and classroom courses can be found at: (myUTSA login required). After logging in, click "Browse Course Catalog" on the lower left side. To find the safety training courses, search for course IDs containing the text "TRN-SA".

What if I cannot access MyTraining?

A student worker may have a myUTSA ID, but still not have access to MyTraining. In that case, go to, click "Submit a Ticket", then choose department "Safety Training", and fill out the form. Please fill in the required fields in the form provided, list the requested Safety courses, and an account will be created for you. You will receive an email with your log in instructions.

HR Training and Development staff will get to it as quickly as they can, and will have it completed within 24 hours, but during the work week (8-5:00) it usually takes around 30 minutes. Any incomplete or incorrect data will only delay the request. Please ensure you have used the Safety Training ticket form and that all required data has been entered.

What training courses do I need?

Different courses are required for work in different labs. Please ask your Principal Investigator or contact the Safety Office at 458-6697 or 458-5807 to find out which courses are required.

What is considered passing for your training courses?

A score 70% or better is needed to receive credit for Radiation Safety (SA 433) and Laser Safety (SA 465).

A score of 80% or better is required to receive credit for Hazardous Waste Generator (SA 401), Hazard Communication & Laboratory Safety (SA 443.01), Researcher Biological Safety and Bloodborne Pathogens (SA 483).

*The Annual Refresher Researcher Biological Safety and Bloodborne Pathogens (SA 483r) is a brief overview of Bloodborne Pathogens and is an annual requirement for those who have completed SA 483 the previous year and require Bloodborne Pathogens training.

How do I get my certificate?

When you complete your course there will be a link entitled "Certificate of Completion" that you need to click on to generate your certificate.

Do you offer in-class training?

Yes. Please see the class schedule at Most courses are offered in class at least once per month. Some courses are offered by request only. To arrange those courses, contact the Lab Safety Manager at 458-6101.

For more information on training, contact the Lab Safety Division