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Biological Waste Disposal


IMPORTANT: To ensure safe and prompt pickup of biological waste, please follow the waste submission procedures detailed on this page.

Live Fire Trainer
Biohazard box with biohazard
bag liner in place

EHSRM provides containers for containment of biological waste generated at your facility. To request these containers, fill out the pickup request form, enter 0 for "number of containers" and make your request in the "additional comments" field.

The container consists of a biohazard bag inside a cardboard box, to which you must attach a label that is generated from our online pickup request form.

To prepare the container for use, fold the flattened biohazard box into the intended shape. Then place the red biohazard bag inside as shown.

The biohazard bag must be sealed to prepare for transport. There are two acceptable DOT standards for sealing the biohazard bag (see photos below):

  1. Use tape to seal the bag closed
  2. Use a double knot technique to close the bag
Biological waste box (closed)
Biological waste box closed,
labeled, and marked

After sealing the bag, close the box and expose the handles as depicted.

When you are ready to submit your biological waste pickup request, fill out and submit the online pickup request form. A printed form must be attached to the box.

Live Fire Trainer
Biohazard bag sealed
with tape
Live Fire Trainer
Biohazard bag sealed
with double knot