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Workers Compensation Program



  1. If the injury is an emergency, arrange for appropriate medical treatment. The employee has the right to select his or her own treating physician. Keep in mind that some physicians DO NOT accept Workers’ Compensation Insurance, so please refer the employee to a Provider Network. If employee is incoherent, the supervisor or administrative staff may select an emergency facility. Send a responsible employee to accompany the injured employee.
  2. If the injury is not an emergency, complete the form, NOTIFICATION OF ON-THE-JOB INJURY, for the employee to give to his/her medical provider.
  3. All work-related injuries or illnesses must be reported. Have the employee complete the EMPLOYER'S FIRST REPORT OF INJURY OR ILLNESS FORM and the Network Acknowledgement form, and the supervisor complete the SUPERVISOR'S REPORT OF INJURY OR ILLNESS FORM. Fax it to the Workers Compensation Insurance Office in the Office of Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management within 24 hours from the time of the injury (210) 458-5813. Once the form has been faxed, send the original form through campus mail to the Office of Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management, Workers Compensation Insurance Office.  This form is required whether or not there is lost time from work.
  4. If the injury/illness involves more than one day of lost time from work, fax a copy of the EMPLOYER'S FIRST REPORT OF INJURY OR ILLNESS form to the Workers Compensation Insurance Office, Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management, at (210) 458-5813 then send the original through campus mail. In addition, the form WORKERS' COMPENSATION (WCI 23) LEAVE OF ABSENCE must be completed by the employee and the department representative. This form is necessary for each period of time the employee has lost time (more than a day/shift due to the injury). Finally, the employee must be given notice that he or she will be placed under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) from the first day of absence if the employee and injury are eligible under the law. Call the Office of Human Resources for more information about FMLA and procedures to follow. (Annette Rabago, Human Resource Asst VP at (210) 458-4250)
  5. Forward all doctor's bills and/or notes to the Workers Compensation Insurance Office immediately upon receipt.
  6. The unsafe condition which caused the injury should be corrected. If assistance is necessary to accomplish the correction, call the Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management Office at (210) 458-5250.
  7. If you have any questions, contact the UT System Claims Analyst at (888) 396-6844.