There is an explosion in the amount of data being collected from the brain. From mRNA to behavior, from single cell electrophysiology to whole brain imaging. This is being done in multiple species and different conditions. If neuroscience will fulfill its promise to understand brain function in health and disease it is necessary to develop theories that integrate the pieces of information we are collecting to form a framework that will allow to understand its function across species.


We have invited the leading researchers in theoretical neuroscience to first discuss about the present state of the field. During the meeting we will develop strategies, delineate roadmaps, and identify immediate and long term challenges to generate a theoretical neuroscience framework.


We might have a few extra slots for faculty, if you are interested in participating please contact us.


We have about 20 spots for graduate student or postdocs. If you want to attend please follow this link. The meeting will cover transportation and lodging for those we select.


Horacio G. Rotsein and Fidel Santamaria