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AP Advanced Placement

Although the Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations are not administered on the UTSA campus, many AP exams are accepted by UTSA for credit. Credit is awarded by accepting it through the Student Records link on ASAP.

The AP Exams are offered once a year in May, usually in high schools that offer college-level courses based on AP course descriptions. The College Board mails reports of AP exam results in early July to institutions listed as recipients by examinees. (The College Board code for UTSA is 6919.) Students who score high enough on College Board AP Exams may be exempt from taking courses that otherwise may be required of them.


AP Scores are subject to change without notice. Consult the Undergraduate Catologue for updated test credit information.

Are your scores not eligible for AP credit? Check the CLEP credit offered at UTSA here. You may have the knowledge to test out through CLEP!

Updates effective as of: August 1, 2012

*Credit will be given for either HIS 2103, HIS 2113, IDS 2203 or IDS 2213, but not all.

§ This credit is earned after completion of POL 1133 (Texas Politics and Society). Any substitutions or equivalencies allowed by an advisor will not be the responsibility of Testing Services.

** Credit will be given for either STA 1043 or STA 1053, but not both.

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