Fast facts about UTSA

Fast Facts

UTSA is the university of the 21st century

There has never been a more exciting time to be at UTSA. Our academics have never been stronger. Our research has never been greater. Our student life has never been more energized. Through a shared commitment to excellence, we have built a world-class organization and gained recognition as one of the top 400 universities in the world.

UTSA is an emerging Tier One research institution. If you visit one of our three campuses, you’ll experience a vibrant university community. Today, we serve nearly 31,000 students, including more than 4,200 graduate students, and more than 119,000 alumni. Our university is built on cultural diversity, top-tier students and world-class faculty, and an environment where innovation and discovery thrive.

The university is also home to robust research programs in health, cybersecurity, energy, sustainability, and human and social development. This year, we added more than three dozen researchers to our faculty, bright minds from top institutions such as Stanford, Cornell, Dartmouth and NYU. We are currently recruiting six additional cybersecurity researchers, and an endowed professor to expand our brain health initiative.

At the same time, we are broadening our outreach programs. These initiatives, which span teaching and research, public service, volunteerism, civic partnerships and economic development, are making a positive and lasting impact on our local and global communities.

Yet more great things lie ahead. We will continue to advance to Tier One status, focusing on transformational student experiences, impactful research, enriched community service, improved business processes and infrastructure, and greater recognition and esteem.


UTSA Established







167 degree programs



Research Expenditures

$56.8 million

Local economic impact

$1.2 billion



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