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What is JUMP!?

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The Joint Undergraduate Matriculation Program (JUMP!) program has been established for first-time freshmen offered deferred admission to The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). JUMP! helps students transition to UTSA by providing academic support through attendance and special advising at the Alamo Colleges.

Why should I consider participating in the JUMP! program?

  • Special academic support and benefits are is available to students who have committed to JUMP!
    • Access to a UTSA Transfer Specialist located at DT Admissions office and/or at one of the Alamo Colleges Transfer Centers. Call 210-458-2000 for available times.
    • Access to transfer plans that provide degree specific courses that can be taken at the Alamo Colleges which will be applied to a UTSA degree.
    • On Campus Transfer Events:
    • Additional benefits are available for JUMP students interested in living on campus.
      • *Campus housing options: University Oak Apartments and Chisholm Hall For more information please contact 1-800-379-3974.
      • *Parking Permit : Please contact Melissa Tobin at 210-458-7275.
      • *Recreation Center : Please contact Tony Daniels at 210-458-7575.
      *Fees and restrictions apply for benefits.
  • Special JUMP! contacts are designated on each of the Alamo Colleges five campuses. See below.
  • Certified program completers will be eligible to receive a $500.00 per semester JUMP! Scholastic Award for the first four semesters at UTSA

What are the requirements of the JUMP! program?

  • The JUMP! offer must be accepted through the automated form available through ASAP by August 3, 2012.
  • To qualify for participation in JUMP! a student must agree to attend and complete all program requirements stated on this agreement prior to enrollment at UTSA.
  • All JUMP! students must complete the initial and continuing enrollment process(es) for their selected Alamo Colleges campus as directed by their contact person.
  • JUMP! admission is contingent upon a student’s commitment to remain enrolled at the chosen Alamo Colleges campus and, within 36 months of initial enrollment, earning Alamo Colleges Core Curriculum or Texas Common Core Curriculum completion status as posted on the Alamo Colleges transcript with a 2.25 minimum grade point average and remaining in good academic and social standing while at the Alamo Colleges. Program participants meeting these requirements will be certified by Alamo Colleges as program completers.

How do I enroll at the Alamo Colleges campus at which I want to complete the program?

  • After completing the on-line agreement form, you will need to contact the person or office named on the confirmation notice provided for further directions.
  • Jump! students are required to apply to an Alamo Colleges campus of their choice. Click here to apply.

How do I enroll at UTSA through this program?

    Upon satisfactorily meeting the requirements of the program, completers will apply for admission to UTSA within one year of program completion by submitting a new application for transfer admission and following procedures outlined in the UTSA Information Bulletin current at the time of application.

Is participation in JUMP! mandatory for those students whose admission to UTSA was deferred?

No. Students are however encouraged to use our tranfer plans and resources when considering UTSA in the future. For more information, please visit with us at

Which Alamo Colleges campuses participate in the JUMP! program?

All five of the Alamo Colleges campuses are participants in this program: The campuses and the JUMP! contact and contact information for each campus are listed below:

How can I learn more about the Alamo Colleges?

You can access information about each of the campuses by selecting the campuses of interest from The Alamo Colleges website.