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American Journal of Chinese Studies

 (ISSN 0742-5929)


Editor: Thomas J. Bellows,

The University of Texas at San Antonio


Book Review Editor: Yu-long Ling

 Franklin College


Editorial Board: Peter C.Y. Chow, City University of New York; Cal Clark, Auburn University; David Dean, Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation; Cho-vun Hsu, University of Pittsburgh; David L. Kenley, Elizabethtown College; Ta-ling Lee, Southern Connecticut State University; Jan S. Prybyla, Penn State University; Gary Rawnsley, University of Nottingham, UK; Hung-chao Tai, University of Detroit at Mercy; Wen-hui Tsai, Indiana-Purdue University; Yenna Wu, University of California, Riverside; Yuan-li Wu, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

The American Journal of Chinese Studies is the official publication of the .American Association for Chinese Studies and is published twice a year, in April and October. The language of publication is English. The AJCS is interested in receiving manuscripts dealing with Taiwan, China and locales with significant Chinese population or influence, The AJCS publishes articles in all social science disciplines, including modern history. Contemporary subjects in the humanities also will be considered. Manuscripts are refereed for acceptance, All opinions expressed in the AJCS are the author's and should not be imputed to the association.

Manuscripts, should not exceed 25 pages, should be typed, and double-spaced, Footnotes are to be typed at the bottom of the text. There is not a separate listing for references. Each manuscript should include a 200 to 250-word abstract. For translitera­tion, the Wade-Giles system is recommended for information pertinent to the Republic of China and the Pinyin System for the People's Republic of China, For additional information on styling, consult The Chicago Manual of Style and previous issues of the journal,

Please submit your manuscript electronically in either RTF format or Word 2000 or  an earlier version of Word. Submissions should include an Abstract of no more than 200 words and a two or three sentence biography Your bio may include your e-mail address or your web site.   Send to Professor Thomas J Bellows. Editor, American Journal of Chinese Studies, Department of Political Science, The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78249, U.SA E-Mail:  thomas.bellows@utsa.edu.

Books for review should be sent to Professor Yu-long Ling, Head, Social Science Division, Franklin College, 501 East Monroe Street, Franklin, Indiana 46131-2598. E-Mail: yling1@Franklincollege.edu.

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Beginning April 1, 2005, all library and other institutional subscriptions will be han­dled through the AJCS Editorial office, Professor Thomas Bellows, Department of Political Science, The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78249, email: <thomas.bellows@utsa.edu>. The annual subscription rate is $30. For individual mem­berships in the American Association of Chinese Studies, which includes a subscription to the journal, contact the AACS Executive Secretary, Professor Peter C.Y.Chow, R4/116, The City College - Cuny, Convent Avenue and 138th Street, New York, NY 10031, E-Mail: chowpeter@yahoo.com. The annual membership rate (two issues) is $30.00 for individuals.

The web site for the journal and information about the American Association for Chinese Studies is available at www.utsa.edu/ajcs. Additional information about the Association is available at www.ccny.cuny.edu/AACS.

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The AJCS is indexed and/or abstracted in America: History & Life; Historical Abstracts; International Political Science Abstracts; Bibliography of Asian Studies; Public Affairs Information Service; is electronically indexed in Uncover, and is listed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals and Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory


Beginning with the October 2003 issue, the American Journal of  Chinese Studies has received a publication subsidy from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Research.  The AJCS gratefully acknowledges this support.

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