The American Association for Chinese Studies

The American Association for Chinese Studies (AACS), founded in 1959, is the only academic society in America devoted exclusively to the general area of Chinese studies. The purposes of the Association are to:

1) Encourage the study of subjects related to China, especially in American educational institutions;

2) Advance such study and teaching through the exchange of information and scholarship across disciplinary lines;

3) Promote understanding and communication between Western and Eastern scholars involved in Chinese studies.


Annual meetings of the AACS provide a forum for new research developments, policy questions, and dissemination of knowledge on topics including: socio-political, economic, educational, linguistic, cultural and other China-related comparative studies.

The Annual Meeting is a major opportunity for members to debate research related to Chinese studies in general. Usually held in October or November, its program includes numerous contributed papers and invited panels. Abstracts for proposed papers are generally due in August, and the completed paper by September. The AACS President and/or an invited speaker give a major address at the Annual Meeting.



ACS publications are useful to professionals who are concerned with current developments on a wide range of subjects including: socio-political, economic, educational, cultural, linguistic, and other China-related comparative studies.

The American Journal of Chinese Studies, the official journal of the Association, publishes scholarly articles, theoretical essays, symposia, and book reviews. Authors of this biennial journal are drawn from many disciplines. Subscribers include libraries in most states and several foreign countries.

The AACS Newsletter is a medium for disseminating articles regarding programs for the annual meetings, minutes of the Association, news, announcements, and other materials pertinent to the AACS.



Membership is open to any person who is interested in furthering the objectives of the Association. All members receive the AACS Newsletter and the American Journal of Chinese Studies.

The membership year is January I through December 31. Dues received at any time during the year cover the complete volume of the American Journal of Chinese Studies for that year, the current membership directory, and copies of the AACS Newsletter.

All members are entitled and encouraged to participate in the activities of the Association, including the annual meeting. Members also have the right to vote and hold elective office.

Membership is open to persons in all countries with a professional commitment to the field of Chinese studies.

For more information, contact:

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