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Joel Salcido

Ansen Seale

Peter Brown

Al Rendon

Ricardo Romo

Infinite Horizon: Visions of Texas

Texas history is long and varied. The state has existed as an independent Republic and at different times under the sovereignty of Spain, France, Mexico, and the Confederate States of America. This dynamic history has given Texas a heritage defined by a rich diversity of people, food, music and customs - a cultural legacy that words alone cannot express. The images in this exhibit reveal, examine, and pay homage to the majestic landscapes, endless skies and poetic ethos of life in the Lone Star State.

- Exhibition Curator, Arturo Infante Almeida

德州有着漫长和丰富多样的历史。 它作为一个独立的共和国,在不同的历史时期经历了西班牙,法国,墨西哥和美国南部邦联的主权国家的统治。 这种历史的演变赋予了德克萨斯州一个丰富多彩的文化遗产,一个不是光靠语言可以表达的有关人文,饮食,音乐和民俗的文化 这次展出的摄影作品将充分展示德州,这一孤星州,的壮丽的景观,一望无际的天空和富有诗意的生活风气。

- 展览策展人:阿图罗。英凡特。阿尔梅达