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Team Members


Dr. Ricardo Romo

President, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Founder and Chairman, Faces with Names

As the President of UTSA and a high school classmate who most of us have known for more than 40 years, Dr. Romo's list accomplishments and service to humanity would fill several pages. Suffice it to say that this project has succeeded only because of his vision and leadership as project founder and chairman. He has generously provided yet another historic memorial and gift worthy acclaim to San Antonio, Texas' most honorable title as "Military City USA."

Major General Alfred Valenzuela, Jr.

Ret. United States Army, US Armed Forces Advocate and Advisor

General V. has served as our project champion and Department of Defense military spokesperson. No one in this city is more qualified to speak on behalf of the America GI. While his lifelong advocacy and focus has been on the role of Hispanics in the American Armed Forces, General Valenzuela truly represents and stands up for everyone in uniform. When he speaks, San Antonio listens. His support for the FACES WITH NAMES project has been invaluable.

Arturo Infante Almeida

Art Specialist / Curator for the UTSA Art Collection

Arturo is the Art Specialist/Curator for the UTSA Art Collection and a capable professional. The team came to appreciate his artistic display expertise when on short notice he was asked for help in developing a FACE WITH NAMES display for the major Texas Challenge event held at the AT&T Center. He and his staff presented us with an eye-catching array of KIA photo project posters which drew many compliments and were the best by far of all the lobby displays. The UTSA Art Collection Office also published an excellent post card, in both English and Spanish, to announce the FACES WITH NAMES photo collection project to the public.

James M. Benavides

Public Affairs Specialist, UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures

In 2010, James, a UTSA Public Relations Specialist, was assigned to broker ITC interests concerning the work being done by the FACES WITH NAMES volunteer team on behalf of UTSA's ITC. He supported the project by organizing and coordinating several events, issuing publications, and ensuring that word got out to the public about ITC's role in accepting photos at their central downtown location.

Manuel (Mark) Marquez

Vietnam Veteran, United States Army

A couple of years after graduating from Fox Tech High School, Manuel Marquez joined the U.S. Army Security Agency in 1965. He served in Phu Bai, South Vietnam Military Region I combat zone near the DMZ from 1966-67. He returned to the United States with a new nickname (Mark) along with a vivid recollection of the horrific U.S. loss of life in the Vietnam war. Later, he returned to Vietnam for two more tours as a DoD civilian intelligence professional finishing his last official assignment in Saigon in March 1975 as the country was falling to rapidly advancing North Vietnamese communist forces. Mark retired in March, 2011 after a combined 45 years of US Army, Federal Civil Service and US Defense Contractor service to America. It is with the deepest respect and a long term sense of honor for those who died serving in Vietnam--and especially, the Fallen Heroes from our south Texas community--that he now leads the Project Faces With Names volunteer team effort to insure that we never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Baldemar (JR) Garza

Vietnam Veteran, United States Army

JR served as a U.S. Army helicopter crew member in a tactical hot zone adjacent to Vietnam's Demilitarize Zone (DMZ). Locally JR has accepted another important mission and is widely recognized as a tireless Disabled American Veterans champion, always working on behalf of all area veterans. On any given day, he can be found attending key civic meetings, organizing support for veterans or simply being there as a knowledgable one-on-one counselor for those in need. We are very fortunate that he found time to be our Veterans organization liaison. He also keeps us abreast of any notices, changes, or forums regarding Department of Defense or Veterans Administration procedures or policies as related to our efforts while also assisting with team research.

Rosalinda Trevino Berlanga

Fox Tech High School Representative

Rosalinda brings much enthusiasm and initiative to the project because of her heartfelt need to serve the memory of several close friends who were KIAs from her 1966 class and to honor her dad a World War II veteran. She has used her networking skills to contact various Fox Tech and other high school's alumni to bring awareness to our FACES WITH NAMES project. She was recently profiled by the local NBC television affiliate and recognized as the San Antonio recipient of the prestigious "Jefferson Award" for outstanding service to her community. Rosalinda was selected to compete for the National Jefferson Award Title. Rosalinda played a big role in recruiting Charlie Calderon to the team.

Beatrice Aguirre Zepeda

Sydney Lanier High School Representative

Bea has the honor of being a long-standing member of the Sidney Lanier High School War Memorial Committee and a dedicated guardian of the honor and memory their War Memorial Committee and a dedicated guardian of the honor and memory their War Memorial represents. Charlie, JR, and Mark accompanied Be a to Lanier where they were warmly welcomed. The team reviewed and scanned library yearbooks for Vietnam War KIA photos leaving but one Lanier alumni photo yet to be obtained. As a former English schoolteacher, Bea also acts as literary editor and quality control for FACES WITH NAME's writings.

Charles A. Calderon

Vietnam Era Veteran, United States Navy

Charlie joined the team in March 2010, and was a most welcome addition, as he promptly assumed the lead role of expert Internet research specialist, casualty data miner, and statistical recorder. He then established our FACES WITH NAMES database and prepared reference spreadsheets for update and analysis. Often working long through the night and into the early morning hours, Charlie, with some team support, did all the necessary organization and presentation of casualty profile information needed to pursue photo research. A special aspect of Charlie's continuing outstanding research is his genuine and understanding dialogue with ever grateful Fallen Hero immediate family members, relatives and friends.

Sylvia Orta Spradlin

Fox Tech High School Representative

Sylvia attended Fox Tech High School but later relocated to the South San Antonio School District. Even though she only joined the team in January 2010, she has been spectacular in adding to Charlie's research efforts. She is solely responsible for quickly paring down our count of 80 or more photos needed to a low of 43 as of this writing. Once Charlie explained our project, she promptly began researching ANCESTRY.COM and almost immediately produced great results. Like Charlie, she too caught the FACES WITH NAMES research fever and has also spent long hours finding photos and lead data. The team is delighted to have her on board, and Dr. Romo has extended his personal thanks for the miracle like contribution she has made.

Our Mission
FACES WITH NAMES localizes a national effort to gather images and profiles on soldiers from San Antonio and Bexar County who lost their lives in Vietnam.  A collection of 360 photos of brave San Antonio armed forces service members did not come home from the Vietnam War.  Their names are among more than 58,000 Americans recorded on The Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C.

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