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The principal mission of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Art Collection Office is to preserve and showcase the varied art collections owned by the University and enhance the UTSA community’s appreciation and knowledge of the arts.
The UTSA’s Art Collection Office administers the Art Loan Program for showcasing art pieces from the collection throughout the campuses.  Through the Art Loan Program, select works of art are available for loan to eligible departments, offices, and centers on UTSA campuses. By making a portion of the art collection accessible, UTSA shares its love of the arts with a broad audience of students, faculty, staff and visitors, and works to fulfill its goal of expanding the educational outreach of its collection.


The UTSA Art Collection Office is responsible for overseeing the various aspects of the Art Loan Program.  This document provides general guidelines and eligibility requirements, and outlines the process for a department or unit to participate in the Art Loan Program.

A. Loan Request Process

An official request can be made by a department or unit for participation in the Art Loan Program completing and submitting the Art Loan Request Form to the Art Collection Office. Once a request is received, the UTSA Art Specialist/Curator will review the request, and propose a list of works, which can be loaned to match the department’s interests as closely as possible.  Through the submission of the request form, the originating department agrees to comply with the additional conditions and eligibility requirements cited in this document.          

             Date of delivery and installation will be scheduled and handled by the UTSA Art Collection Office in the order in which requests are received, subject to framing needs and other preparation requirements of the loan.  Eligible requests may take a minimum of two weeks to complete. 

B. Availability of Loaned Art Pieces

The number of art works available for loan will vary over the course of the year, based on the number of requests received and pieces available. While every effort will be made to support the department’s request, the number of works loaned to each department will be left to the discretion of UTSA’s Art Collection Office Art Specialist.

C. Preferred Location for Display of Art Pieces

The Art Collection Office has developed a set of guidelines for selecting the locations for displaying the art pieces on campus.  The following types of spaces are best suited for displaying the art works and will be considered as preferred eligible spaces.

Acceptable Spaces

  • Conference rooms, reading areas
  • Lobbies
  • Wide corridors
  • Department conference/seminar rooms
  • Public reception areas

In the same manner, the following types of spaces are not considered appropriate for the displaying of art pieces.

Unacceptable Spaces

  • Auditoria
  • Class Rooms
  • Department lounges/common areas
  • Dormitories
  • Faculty offices
  • Private faculty and staff offices and meeting rooms not frequented by students
  • Rehearsal rooms

D. Art Loan Conditions and Policy

Listed below are key conditions and guidelines associated with the loaning of an art piece to a department or unit.

  • A department which officially submits a request to the Art Loan Program assumes responsibility for the care and the safety of the art pieces it is loaned.  The originating department may not transfer the responsibility for the loaned art pieces to another department. 
  • A department participating in the Art Loan Program also agrees that the work(s) of art loaned may only be installed, moved, or removed by the UTSA Art Collection Office staff.  No other individual should be allowed to move or relocate an art piece loaned to the department.
  • Works of art lent to a department shall not be unframed or removed from its mats, mounts, or bases for any purpose unless authorized by the UTSA Art Collection Office. This also includes moving a work of art to be cleaned or repaired, or to be transported in damaged condition except with the express permission of Art Curator.
  • A department also agrees to incur charges associated with the installation and placement of the work of arts. Once a department agrees to participate in the program and the installation site has been confirmed, they will need to contact the Work Control Office to schedule the installation and to provide an account number for the charges.
  • Once the work of art is installed in an agreed upon location, any further requests to move or relocate a piece will lead to additional charges for the department.  These additional charges will result from needing to have the Work Control Office and the Art Collection Office personnel return to the location.
  • If an art piece is damaged from physical stress due to sunlight or moisture or from vandalism or any other type of loss, the primary contact for the borrowing department is asked to notify the Art Collection Office immediately.
  • In the event that a loaned work of art is damaged due to failure of properly caring for the piece, such as from moving, bumping, scratching or dropping , the department will be held responsible for repair and replacement costs.  The Art Collection Office will charge the department the cost of the repair or replacement up to $1,000.
  • The Art Collection Office must receive at least a two-week notice to remove any works of art.  In the case for removal being damage, the Office should be called immediately.
  • The duration of the loan will be a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years, with the exception of circumstances noted earlier. The Art Collection Office reserves the right to determine the length of the loan period for all art pieces.
  • The Art Collection Office may recall the loaned work(s) of art at any time as deemed necessary, including for the purposes of conservation, research or exhibition. 
  • In the event that a department participating in the Art Loan Program repeatedly fails to comply with the Art Loan Conditions outlined, the Art Collection Office has the right to exclude them from further participation.

E. Retroactive Enforcement and Recall

In addition to the Loan Conditions listed above, the UTSA Art Collection Office reserves the right to recall works of art that are on loan under the following conditions:

    • Works are needed for a university exhibition;
    • Works require conservation and maintenance;
    • Environmental conditions change and the setting is deemed not sound for displaying of art pieces;
    • Works are in jeopardy of damage or loss as determined by the UTSA Art Collection Office ;
    • Home department borrowing art pieces no longer meets the eligibility requirements;
    • Works are no longer shown to their best advantage;
    • Works need to be returned after five years of being displayed in certain settings, such as works of art on paper located in proximity to natural light or windows without UV-treatment.

The UTSA’s Art Collection office will provide at least 15 days of notice before recalling these works.

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