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Edwin J. Barea-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Dean for Student Success and Instructional Innovation
Roland K. and Jane W. Blumberg Professorship in Biosciences

Phone: (210) 458-4511

Lab website:

Areas of Specialization

» Learning and memory
» Neuroscience
» Science education


Ph.D. in Biopsychology; Southern Illinois University Carbondale
M.A. in Biopsychology; Southern Illinois University Carbondale
B.A. in Psychology; Inter-American University of Puerto Rico


Research Interests

Dr. Barea-Rodriguez’s research interest focuses on investigating and applying the best teaching practices in STEM education. Pedagogy is defined as the method and practice of teaching. Unfortunately, many graduate programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines do not incorporate pedagogy in their training programs. This results in faculty using teaching methods that do not facilitate student learning. Scientific Teaching is a pedagogical method used in undergraduate science courses. The main idea of Scientific Teaching is to help scientists bring to teaching the critical thinking, rigor, creativity, and spirit of experimentation that defines research (Handelsman et. al, 2007). Scientific Teaching involves three major components, Active learning, Assessment, and Inclusiveness.



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