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James P. Chambers, Ph.D.


Phone: (210) 458-5477

Lab website:

Areas of Specialization

» Acinetobaster baumannii enzymology
» Biosensor sensing element development
» Francisella tularensis enzymology
» Glycoconjugate isolation/characterization
» Influenza nucleic acid based detection

South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases


Ph.D. in Biochemistry; University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
M.S. in Chemistry; University of the Incarnate Word
B.S. in Biology; St. Mary's University


Research Interests

Dr. Chambers is an established biochemist of long standing with national/international recognized expertise in many aspects of the enzymology of inherited lysosomal storage diseases (i.e., Gaucher and Pompe’s Disease), glyconjugate characterization, receptor mediated channel function (i.e., Ca2++Mg2+ Dependent ATPase), and biosensor sensing element development (antibody, RNA aptamer, DNA-branched chain nucleic acid, and dendrimer based formats) for detection/diagnosis of Influenza and bacterial pathogens.


Training Opportunities

Over the years, Dr. Chambers has trained many undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level students in his lab. In 1992, Dr. Chambers implemented the first free-standing Ph.D. program at UTSA and trained its first two students. He is recipient of numerous research and teaching awards.



Click here for a list of publications.