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Kelly J. Suter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Phone: (210) 458-7243

Areas of Specialization

» Neural oscillator control of sexual reproduction

UTSA Neurosciences Institute


Ph.D. in Physiology; University of Pittsburgh
M.S. in Physiology; West Virginia University
B.S. in Chemistry; West Virginia University


Research Interests

Dr. Suter is interested in the hypothalamic oscillator which controls the release of gonadotropin releasing-hormone (GnRH). The secretory pattern of this hormone is the focal point in the control of sexual reproduction. The lab focuses on the control of the intermittent mode of secretion composed of small, almost hourly "pulses" of GnRH. The lab is specifically interested in how GnRH neurons integrate the variety of internal and external cues that regulate reproduction.

Dr. Suter's lab is also interested in the shift of GnRH secretion which occurs at the time of puberty. They are interested in the dynamics of GnRH release and in the mechanisms that modulate the transition to adult fertility.


Training Opportunities

Dr. Suter's lab uses a variety of experimental approaches including whole animal physiology, single neuron anatomy, and brain slice electrophysiology (whole-cell and cell attached) coupled with optogenetic, photolysis, and use of simulated circuits via dynamic clamping. The lab also uses computational approaches to model single GnRH neurons.



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