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We Are UTSA: How Diploma Dash is Helping Biology Senior Tuoyo Eresanara
Tuoyo is majoring in biology with a concentraion in neurobiology and plans plans on attending medical school.
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Dr. Matthew Gdovin Ues Light-Activated Nanoparticle to Wipe Out Cancer Cells
Dr. Gdovin has expanded on his innovative method of treating cancerous tumors via light-activated intracellular acidosis. The new delivery method may help people with hard-to-reach tumors and especially aggressive types of cancer.
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Three Biology Doctoral Students Receive Brown Foundation Fellowships
Hector Zurita Apellaniz in Dr. Apicella's Lab, Alyssa Petko in Dr. Paladini's Lab, and Rachel Robinson in Dr. Forsthuber's Lab are Brown Foundation Fellowship recipients

CMB Doctoral Students Natalia Castro-Lopez and Jonathon Keck Have Been Awarded STCEID Scholarships
Natalia and Jonathon are recipients of the 2018 UTSA South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID) doctoral scholarships. Each student will receive $26,500 to help complete their doctoral work.

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