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Dr. Bernard Arulanandam Elected Fellow of National Academy of Inventors
The honor recognizes Dr. Arulanandam for demonstrating a prolific spirit of innovation in creating and facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development and the welfare of society.
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UTSA Today Spotlight: Dr. Kirsten Hanson, UTSA South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Dr. Hanson conducts research focused on the cellular and developmental biology of Plasmodium parasites, the causative agents of malaria.
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Dr. Floyd Wormley Jr. Elected an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow
The AAAS bestows the lifetime honor of being an elected Fellow in recognition of a member's extraordinary achievements in advancing science.

Dr. Brian Hermann Constructs World’s Most Comprehensive Digital Roadmap to Unlock Male Infertility
Dr. Hermann's research team has developed a high-resolution genetic map showing how men produce sperm cells.
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The Brain Health Consortium and the College of Engineering Offer Seed Grant Awards
UTSA's Brain Health Consortium and College of Engineering support the next generation of brain health researchers with $90,000 in grant awards.
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Dr. Fidel Santamaria Led Team that Received $840,000 NSF Grant to Acquire a Two-Photon Holographic Microscope
The microscope is one of about two dozen in the world and will help understand how the contribution of incorrect wiring impacts the function of certain regions of the brain.
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The Biology Department Had Five Poster Presentation Winners at the 2018 College of Sciences Research Conference
Congratulations to Maria Guerra Garcia, Maya Adair, Emmanuel Nyong, Borna Sarker, and Merridee Lefner
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UTSA Q&A: Lorena Roa de la Cruz Trailblazing in Male Reproductive Health
Lorena is in the Cell and Molecular Biology Ph.D. program and works in Dr. Brian Hermann’s lab.
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Dr. Matthew Wanat Is Part of Team Awarded a San Antonio Life Sciences Institute (SALSI) Innovation Challenge Grant
The $100,000 grant will be used to study novel approaches to substance abuse and its prevention.
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Dr. Carlos Paladini Invited to Serve as a Member of the NIAAA Board of Scientific Counselors
The NIAAA Board of Scientific Counselors evaluates the performance of intramural scientists and the quality of their research programs.

Dr. Chiung-Yu Hung Receives $1.9 Million Grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
The five-year grant will support Dr. Hung's efforts to create a vaccine for fungal infections.
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Dr. Jenny Hsieh and the Brain Health Consortium Using "Mini Brains" to Research Complex, Incurable Brain Disorders
The group is doing experiments with the help of people with the disorders, who have volunteered their stem cells to create organoids, or mini brains, that can be studied on a petri dish.

In Memoriam: Dr. Brian Derrick
Dr. Derrick’s areas of specialization included cognitive neuroscience, molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and neuropsychopharmacology.
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UTSA Today Q&A: Dr. Astrid Cardona, UTSA South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Dr. Cardona's work involves studying diseases of the brain, specifically those that cause inflammation and degeneration.
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Biology Graduate Ranad Humeidi Featured on Texas Public Radio
Ranad will work as a research assistant studying cancer in the labs at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.
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Dr. Edwin Barea-Rodriguez Receives $7.7 Million to Continue the UTSA RISE Program
The RISE program trains underrepresented minorities and financially disadvantaged students for research careers in science.
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Two Biology Students Received Awards at the 2018 Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Showcase
Joshua Anderson and Javier Valencia, both in Dr. Seshu's lab, were Best-in-Show awardees.
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Online Course Created by Dr. George Perry Receives Enthusiastic Response
Dr. Perry created a massive open online course (MOOC) focusing on the progression of Alzheimer’s disease from molecular and genetic perspectives.
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UTSA Today Q&A: Dr. Lindsey Macpherson, UTSA Brain Health Consortium
Students in Dr. Macpherson's lab are researching the sense of taste and the molecules, cells, and circuits involved in communication between the tongue, stomach, and brain.
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Dr. Floyd Wormley, Jr. and Doctoral Student Althea Campuzano Explore Little-Known, Deadly Fungal Infections
A new study sheds light on little-known fungal infections caused by the fungus Cryptococcus.
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UTSA Today Q&A: Dr. Jenny Hsieh, UTSA Brain Health Consortium
As director of the Brain Health Consortium, Dr. Hsieh is expanding UTSA’s work in pluripotent stem cell research and personalized medicine to develop new and innovative approaches to neurodegenerative disease.
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Neurobiology Doctoral Student Amadine Grenier Invited to Give an Oral Presentation at the 25th Meeting of Cognitive Neuroscience Society
Each year the Cognitive Neuroscience Society holds an annual meeting in the spring to bring together researchers from around the world to share the latest studies in cognitive neuroscience.

Dr. John McCarrey Is the 2018 Recipient of the American Society of Andrology Award
This award is the highest one of the Society and is presented annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the progress of andrology.

We Are UTSA: How Diploma Dash Is Helping Biology Senior Tuoyo Eresanara
Tuoyo is majoring in biology with a concentraion in neurobiology and plans plans on attending medical school.
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Three Biology Doctoral Students Receive Brown Foundation Fellowships
Hector Zurita Apellaniz in Dr. Apicella's Lab, Alyssa Petko in Dr. Paladini's Lab, and Rachel Robinson in Dr. Forsthuber's Lab are Brown Foundation Fellowship recipients

CMB Doctoral Students Natalia Castro-Lopez and Jonathon Keck Have Been Awarded STCEID Scholarships
Natalia and Jonathon are recipients of the 2018 UTSA South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID) doctoral scholarships. Each student will receive $26,500 to help complete their doctoral work.

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