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Cell and Molecular Biology Ph.D. Program



CMB students conduct original research, present their work at national and international conferences, and author articles published in prestigious scientific journals. Research is conducted in modern laboratories and well equipped supporting core facilities. Students have the opportunity to pursue advanced training in a wide range of sub-disciplines.

Core Faculty

Core Faculty in the CMB Ph.D. program are those in whose labs CMB students can pursue doctoral dissertation research. CMB Core Faculty have expertise and research interests in:

Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • James Chambers     • Jurgen Engelberth     • Richard LeBaron
  • Lindsey Macpherson     • Robert Renthal

Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Mark Eppinger     • Brian Hermann     • Chin-Hsing Annie Lin     • John McCarrey
  • Yufeng Wang

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases
  • Bernard Arulanandam     • Astrid Cardona     • Thomas Forsthuber
  • Chiung-Yu Hung     • Karl Klose     • Soo Chan Lee     • Jose Lopez-Ribot
  • Stephen Saville     • Janakiram Seshu     • Floyd Wormley, Jr.

Stem Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, and Regenerative Medicine
  • Gary Gaufo     • Brian Hermann     • Hyoung-gon Lee     • Chin-Hsing Annie Lin
  • Asif Maroof     • John McCarrey     • Carlos Paladini     • George Perry

Virology and Parasitology
  • Kirsten Hanson     • Garry Sunter

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty serve on dissertation committees and provide research consultation for dissertation research. Affiliated faculty members include:
  • Edwin Barea-Rodriguez     • Aaron Cassill     • Neal Guentzel     • Hans Heidner     • Martha Lundell     • Clyde Phelix     • David Senseman
  • Valerie Sponsel

Click here for a complete list of CMB Ph.D. Program Faculty and a description of their research interests.