Blueprint UTSA is a collaborative effort that brings the campus community together to advance the university’s mission and further propel it toward Tier One status.

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Because a commitment to excellence requires focus and sustained investment, the plan establishes priorities, outlines strategies and allocates resources that will allow the university to leverage its greatest strengths in the years ahead.

University leaders have identified 10 strategies from Blueprint UTSA that are essential first steps to advancing the university. Implementation of these strategies will be the responsibility of cross-functional teams led by members of the UTSA executive team.

The teams will develop, plan and execute initial priorities, establish timelines, identify required resources, promote collaboration with campus constituencies and initiate action plans based on measurable benchmarks and targets.

The initial strategies include:

  • Creating a student-centered educational support culture that provides exceptional advising, thoughtful counseling and superior mentoring. (Strategy 1.2)
  • Hiring clusters of renowned research scholars and creative faculty, and recruiting exceptional graduate students, in areas that can expand and establish UTSA’s national and global prominence. (Strategy 2.1)
  • Incorporating greater accountability at all levels of the University to ensure Tier One research and creative goals are being met. (Strategy 2.2) 
  • Implementing a new budget allocation model that is transparent and data driven, supports entrepreneurship and innovation, and better aligns resources with the Blueprint UTSA Plan. (Strategy 4.2) Budget Task Force progress
  • Developing a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate recruitment and retention system to achieve UTSA’s overall enrollment goals. (Strategy 4.4)
  • Expanding resources and financial support from UTSA stakeholders and allies through philanthropy, grants and contracts, public-private partnerships and commercialization activities, the UT System and the Texas Legislature. (Strategy 4.5)
  • Evolving the role of the Downtown Campus as a key asset in alignment with the institution’s strategic priorities. (Strategy 4.7)
  • Creating a Tier One operations environment by streamlining administrative processes, by reducing cost and by improving customer service. (Strategy 4.8)
  • Developing cutting-edge information technology (IT) systems that support teaching, research and administration. (Strategy 4.9)
  • Developing a distinct identity and personality for UTSA that establishes our brand promise and enhances credibility. (Strategy 5.1)

University leadership will assess the progress of the Blueprint UTSA implementation, refining targets and determining and activating the next Blueprint strategies so that the comprehensive plan remains in motion.