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Get Fit, Don't Sit!

May 3...and every day

Thanks to everyone who took part in the American Diabetes Association's National Get Fit Don't Sit Day.

Too much sitting is harmful. So EHSRM is giving you a good reason to stand up for your health.

Some of the fun activities planned for this important Wellness Day include:
*6am Yoga in the Orange studio at the Rec for Rowdy New U Members
*10am-Airrosti class "Health on the Move"
*12pm Strength and Conditioning in the Rec Studio at the Rec for Rowdy New U Members
*12pm Yoga at the DTC-Fitness Center for Rowdy New U Members
*5:30pm Circuit Training in the Blue studio at the Rec for Rowdy New U Members

And here are some ways you can break the sitting routine every day:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at the office and in the parking garage.
  2. Get up and take a quick walk around your office.
  3. Stand up and stretch at your desk.
  4. Hungry? Walk to one of UTSA Dining’s great restaurant options.
  5. Use a speaker or mobile phone so you can pace around your office during conference calls.
  6. Try some chair exercises while at your desk.
  7. Fidget (when appropriate!)—Tap or wiggle your foot during meetings or while working at your desk.

You can work out right at your desk. Here are some tips:

RELEASE SOME TENSION. Take a little back break. With the best posture you can muster, stretch and reach your arms overhead so that you’re lengthening your spine. Alternate moving your hands as though you’re climbing a rope, pulling yourself up. You’ll notice that you’re getting movement in your rib cage and spine.

DO THE PEEKABOO. This will work your entire upper body, says with your arms: Keep your upper arms (shoulders to elbows) parallel. Bring your forearms together in front of your face. Return your arms to the starting point, squeezing your shoulder blades together, and repeat as long as you can hold proper form. Your back, chest, and arms will get a workout.

Download the Desk Workouts flyer

Do these stretches.

Download the Diabetes Info sheet.



Updated 5-9-2017