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Professional Etiquette Dinner

Too often in this world, we (even as families) sit down to our meals in front of a television or eat in a fast food restaurant. We are now seeing the problems that this brings about in the work place. Our students often don't understand the basics of eating out, let alone fine dining. This dinner provides an opportunity for our students to learn the art of fine dining and to understand and appreciate the protocol of business etiquette.

Although the students pay $15.00 per ticket to attend, this only covers a fraction of the actual cost. Rather than increase the amount we charge students, we are asking businesses and organizations if they would like to donate to the program in the amount of $250.00 per table.

As a donor, you will be invited to sit at a table with seven students. Donors will also be recognized in advance publicity and in the event program. We will also make every attempt to seat majors of your choice at your table.

Please consider this unique opportunity to assist in the professional development of our young people. There are not many chances for students to experience and develop their fine dining ability during college, yet it is an invaluable, lifelong skill. Here's what students who have attended past dinners have had to say about the Business Etiquette Dinner:

  • "This program was very helpful - thank you!"
  • "This is a great way to teach!"
  • "Great meal and very helpful program - I plan to attend again!"
  • "Had a wonderful evening - I learned so much!"
  • "This is a great learning experience - it's beneficial and helpful for all students."
  • "I had fun and I learned the importance of proper dinner etiquette."
  • "This program provides information and an experience that you cannot get anywhere else."

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Events Manager at 210.458.4769.