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Spend a day (or part of a day) interviewing UTSA students at the Career Center office. The on-campus interviewing program is designed to help you identify the best-qualified candidates for full-time degreed, coop and/or internship positions. Here's what we offer:

  • online interview schedules with pre-screening options
  • comfortable interview rooms
  • coordination of the scheduling process
  • reservation of room with audio visual equipment for Information Sessions
  • wireless internet access

How to Get Started with On Campus Recruiting at UTSA
To encourage students to sign up for interview schedules and generate the most interest for your open positions, all schedules must have a job linked with them. Follow the steps below to create your job posting first, and then create your interview schedule.

  1. Employer Login Login to RowdyJobs
  2. Click 'My Jobs' then 'New Jobs' from the RowdyJobs menu and post jobs you will be interviewing for. Keep Job ID available. After posting your job, you will need to create the interview schedule within your RowdyJobs account.
  3. Click 'On Campus Interviews' then 'New Schedule Request' from your RowdyJobs menu.
  4. Fill in appropriate fields.*NOTE: You can tell students to reference your Job ID posting in the job description instead of rewriting the description.
  5. Once approved, you will receive email confirmation within 1-2 days for both the Job Posting and Interview Schedule Posting.

We offer three types of interview schedules: Pre-Select, Open, & Room Only

You may choose one type of schedule per job posting. All pre-select and open on-campus interview schedules must be for paid internship, co-op, or full-time opportunities.

  • Pre-Select Schedules: Interested students who meet all minimum qualifications* as stated on the Interview Request Form will apply via the online RowdyJobs. All resumes from applicants will be available for review two weeks prior to the interview date. You will make your candidate selections online.
    Selections are due no later than one week and one day prior to the interview date. Based on your selections, students will automatically be notified via email whether they were selected. Those who were accepted to interview can begin signing up for a timeslot on a first-come-first-served basis one week before the interview date.
  • Open Schedules: Interested students who meet your minimum qualifications* as stated on the Interview Request Form are automatically allowed to sign-up on your interview schedule.
  • Room Only: The Career Center Office provides interview accommodations to employers seeking a location to hold interviews. Interview scheduling is handled between the employer and UTSA students. An interview room must be reserved through our Recruiting Coordinator no later than 1 week before the desired interview date.
Interview Schedule

* Minimum qualifications include GPA, citizenship, major, and graduation date(s)