Guided Conversations with Your Student

When your student is considering an idea, we encourage you to ask questions to help them really consider their choices. Open-ended questions tend to open up your discussion versus closed-ended questions (which may end up closing the door to conversation).

Examples of open-ended questions you may want to use to help your student explore include:

If you could have the perfect job, what might your typical day be like? What kinds of tasks would you do? What kind of environment would you be in? Tell me about your ideas!

You have gotten some good experience already through (work, volunteering, classes, student involvement). What things have you liked doing best and why do you think that is?

If you could read a book, or watch a TV show on any subject, what would that be? What topics really get your interest?

If you had a whole day to yourself and you could do any activities you wanted, what would you do?

As you think about the future, are there any careers that spark an interest? Why do they "catch your eye"?

What you think about all the opportunities you could do with regard to work, what things (i.e. what you value) do you think will be most important to you as you start making this decision?

These all give you a start to assisting your student with making connections between themselves and what they know about the world of work. You can show them some of our resources to include our free career assessments and informational resources on a wide variety of careers if you would like to help them pursue their ideas further. It seems that the more open you stay to their ideas, the more likely you will keep the conversation flowing. Your insight will be powerful for most of them, but make sure to encourage them to explore their ideas so they see why certain ideas might be a better fit than others. The more you can keep them involved in their own process, the more chance they will become independent, which is a huge quality employers look for in their candidates! This is the perfect time to start!!