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Career Assessments

Career Assessments

The following career-related assessments are currently available through the University Career Center. See below for details of each assessment and access information.

Do What You Are

In order to access and complete the above assessments, you will need to make an appointment with a career counselor by calling 210-458-4589 (Main Campus) or 210-458-2910 (Downtown Campus). They will review the procedures to take the assessment and will set you up in the program so that you can access them via the web and complete at your convenience. After completion it is best to schedule an appointment to interpret the results and how they relate to your future career.

After you have completed the Do What You Are (CollegeScope), you can find out more about your four-letter MBTI type code and how it relates to careers by clicking here.

For more information on the results of your Strong Inventory and your three-letter code, click here.

If you have difficulties accessing the instrument, you can either call us at 210-458-4589 (Main Campus), 210-458-2910 (Downtown Campus), or email us at career.services@utsa.edu.

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