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Graduate Students

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What are you going to do with that master's or doctorate degree?

If you are a new graduate student, somewhere in between, or just about to finish one of the most challenging achievements in your life, Career Center is here with the information, ideas, encouragement, structure, and inspiration to help you create your career direction, cultivate it, and move you toward success!

Transferable Skills Developed

Undertaking graduate education is a challenging and rewarding commitment. As a graduate student at The University of Texas at San Antonio, you are gaining valuable knowledge and skills which are highly sought by employers nationwide. Following is a partial list of skills that you may already have or will acquire:





What it takes to Succeed

Locate and assimilate new information

Convey information to non-experts


Work independently

Tenacity, focus and stamina

Problem-solving tools and experience

Write at all levels

Thrive in a competitive environment

Work in self-directed manner

Perform under pressure

Break-down and understand complex content

Editing and proofreading

Present to large groups

Time management

Meet high expectations

Can you think of other skills?

It's critical for you to be able to identify your skills and to be able to articulate them in the job search.

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