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Sign up For On Campus Interviews

Sign Up for Interview Schedules

  1. Click the 'RowdyJobs' tab.
  2. Click on Student to access the Student Login page.
  3. Sign-in with RowdyJobs log-in information. You must have a resume uploaded in your account to sign up for an interview.
  4. On the file menu (orange bar), click 'On-Campus Interviews'.
  5. To view all employers who will be interviewing on campus, click on 'All Schedules' in the drop down menu. If you are not 'qualified', a message will appear at the top of the schedule to inform you of the reason. Employers specify the criteria that they are looking for (major, GPA, grad date, etc.) If you feel that you do meet the specified criteria but cannot sign-up for a schedule, please contact your career counselor for assistance.
  6. To view the schedules for which you qualify, click 'Qualified Schedules' on the drop down menu. 'Qualified Schedules' means those that you match the qualifications as specified by the employer (major, GPA, grad date, etc.).
  7. Select the schedule # of interest.
  8. If it is an Open Schedule, scroll to the Sessions section at the bottom of screen, click on the interview date and select a timeslot that best fits your schedule. All you need to do at this point is to prepare and show up for the interview.
  9. If it is a Pre-Select Schedule, scroll to the top of the screen and click the button 'Request Interview'. This will send your resume to the employer for consideration.
  10. Note the date that Resume Submission Closes. This is the date that employers will begin to review resumes.
  11. Employers have one week to review resumes and make their selections of students to interview. Once the employer has reviewed your resume and made their decision, you will receive an email about your interview status. Check your e-mail frequently to see if you have been selected.
  12. Note: If you are selected for an interview, you must sign up for an interview time slot ASAP once the Accepted Students Interview Sign Up Begins, so pay close attention to this date. If you have not heard from either the employer or the Career Center office by this date, please call us at 210.458.4108 to see what is happening with the schedule.
  13. To sign up, you need to follow Step 6 again and access the schedule. Scroll down to the Sessions section at the bottom of the screen, click on the interview date and select a timeslot that best fits your schedule. REMEMBER that all time slot sign-ups are on a first-come first-served basis.
  14. Interview sign up closes the day prior to the interview session or when all slots are filled.
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