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How to find information

Using the Internet

The range of organizations found on the Internet is extensive. Take advantage of this resource while researching employers to find the most current company information and to show potential employers your computer savvy and your high level of interest in them. Use the following to enhance your employer research strategies:

  • Guides to company information on the net to help the user research information on both public and private companies using just the Internet.
  • Search engines – there are numerous search engines available and many emphasize specific industries, returning greater results from your search criteria. The rule of thumb is 'If at first you don't succeed, try another search engine.'
  • Join listservs/usernet groups – these will provide you the opportunity to communicate with professionals already working in the field. Lurking on these lists will allow you to learn more 'insider' information that you might not otherwise be able to uncover.
  • Email – take advantage of email links from company Web sites. They can help you establish an open line of communication with employers in your field. Who better to provide company information than those working in the company?
  • Bulletin boards – post your resume online (starting with RowdyJobs) for employers to research you. The job search process is a two-way street and you want your information to be easily accessible to employers seeking candidates to fill their positions.
  • Company Homepages - Most organizations use their home pages as a marketing or communication tool for generating and retaining business. Corporate sites may provide annual reports, news articles, business ventures, and information about products and services. You should spend a good portion of your research time reviewing the information available at the company's home page. If you haven't located the home page try guessing the address. Many organizations and businesses have a Web address that looks like this: http://www.companyname.com

If that does not lead to immediate results, search engines also allow you to search the Internet for names.

Professional journals and publications.

Particularly useful for graduate students since you are becoming more specialized and focused in your career pursuits. If you don't already know what the professional publications are in your field, ask your faculty.

Diversity Resources
Students with Disabilities