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The Application Process

Your application is the picture of yourself that you present to an admissions committee. Therefore, it is important that you put the necessary time and attention into it. Staying organized during the application process will be a key. Keep in mind the following suggestions as you complete each step in the process:

Application Forms

  • Read and follow instructions carefully - paying attention to deadlines
  • Have at least 2 people proofread your information
  • Tailor your responses to the specific aspects of the graduate program which attract you
  • Always make copies for your records before sending – it is recommended that you send materials by registered or return receipt requested mail for documentation
  • Mail in your application early, and confirm that the institution has received it

Reference Letters


  • Give the Registrar's Office at least two business days to process transcripts
  • Schools will require official transcripts, not student copies
  • UTSA Registrar's Office

Essay or Personal Statement

  • This is an extremely important part of your application; spend the time it takes to show the reader what is unique about you
  • Be concise and specific. Think about how your background, skills, abilities and goals match the school's program and philosophy
  • Address what aspects of the program appeal to you above other programs
  • Have your essay critiqued by a faculty member, a career counselor, and by the UTSA Writing Center. Visit us in the JPL (Room 2.01.12D) or downtown (FS 4.432).

For some examples and resources for writing personal statements, please refer to the following resources:
Diversity Resources
Students with Disabilities