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Important Characteristics of Résumés

  • Sales-Focused – Remember the resume is a marketing tool designed to market your skills and experience to an employer. Does it focus on the most important things that an employer should know about you? Did you stress skills and accomplishments over duties? Did you support your objective? Did you use action verbs?
  • Relevant – Did you include only relevant information? Did you include specific information such as numbers, percentages or dollar amounts? Did you make your qualifications easily identifiable? Make the reader pay attention by using action verbs that convey measurable accomplishments and problem-solving skills.
  • Concise – Resume language should be succinct and expressive. Use the minimum number of words necessary to convey meaning. Use precise action verbs. Avoid personal pronouns. Leave out articles: a, an, the. One page is recommended but may vary if you have extensive experience. Use short sentences or phrases.
  • Quality-Oriented – Absolutely NO MISTAKES – spelling, grammar, or formatting. A resume with mistakes demonstrates the level of work you perform and tells the reader that you were too lazy to take the time to proofread it. Is that really the message you want to send?
  • Visually Appealing – Does your resume look attractive and balanced? Is there white space? Is the font size readable (10 to 14 points is recommended)? Are the headings highlighted – boldface works well (remember, you want the reader to be able to find things easily)? Do important things stand out through their spacing or highlighting?
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