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Résumé Basics

The resume is…

  • A marketing tool
  • An individually designed document
  • A highlight of your background
  • Used by employers as a screening device
  • Just ONE piece of the job search process

And keep in mind that the recruiter may only spend 15-20 seconds reviewing the resume before they decide whether to read any further. This is why you need to create a dynamic resume that sells you effectively.

Types of Resumes

The standard resume is presented in a chronological format however you should decide if that is the best way to demonstrate your experience.

  • Chronological – strictly date order this type of resume is best for demonstrating progression in your career.
  • Functional – presents information based upon skill sets and highlights your experience as it relates to the use of these skill sets. This format is best used by career changers and, frequently, by new college graduates with limited experience.
  • Combination – using elements from both the chronological and functional resume may be a good option for you to demonstrate the skills you possess.
  • Scannable – often an employer will ask you to submit a resume that can be scanned into a computer system. A resume that is going to be scanned typically does not include: bullets, tables, columns or lines. It is simply plain text without any type of formatting.

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