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Résumé Skill-based Words

The following is a list of skill areas that you might use on your resume, or you may decide on other skill categories that are more appropriate for your experience. These are just a few of the skills normally associated with each of these categories. When you go over your own list of skills, group them into these categories as well as you can, but don't hesitate to put one skill into several categories. The test you should use is whether the skill you are grouping is mainly a financial or service or management or communication skill, etc.

  • Administration Skills Planning, Organizing, Scheduling, Assigning/Delegating, Directing, Interviewing/Hiring, Measuring production, Setting standards, Work under stress, Work with people, Travel frequently, Work as a team member, Personnel practices, Analyzing & evaluating, Time management, Negotiating strategies, Problem solving, Program development, Decision making, Program planning
  • Computer Skills Microsoft Word, Power Point, Access, Excel, Internet, Front Page, Photo Draw, Print Shop, Hyper Studio, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, Cold Fusion, C++, Macintosh, PC, Microsoft Outlook, Publisher, Adobe Acrobat or List the types of programs you know, such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets, web design, etc.
  • Service Skills Counseling, Guiding, Listening, Leading, Coordinating, Respond to emergencies, Teaching/Training, Work evenings/weekends, Work independently, Knowledge of a subject, Agencies' policies, Community resources, Human behavior principles, Work under hazardous conditions, Program planning/development
  • Communication Skills Reasoning, Organizing, Defining, Writing/editing, Listening, Explaining, Interpreting ideas, Reading, Communicate precise information, Work with committees, Public speaking, Correct English usage, Operate communication systems, Subject knowledge, Good sense of timing
  • Supervisory Skills Instructing, Organizing (people, data, things), Delegating responsibilities, Negotiating, Motivating others, Evaluating people and data, Problem solving, Implementing, Researching, Adaptability, Coordinating, Flexibility, Decision making, Staff development, Assigning, Scheduling, Inspecting
  • Financial Skills Analyzing, Calculating, Projecting, Budgeting, Recognize problems, Problem solving, Able to concentrate, Handle detail work, Work under tight deadlines, Orderly thinking, Accounting procedure, Data processing, Operate business machines, Record keeping, Financial concepts, Investment principles, Estimating & bidding, Fund raising, Bookkeeping
  • Interpersonal Skills Assertive, Adaptable, Confident, Cooperative, Dependable, Relate well with others, Convey warmth-caring, Demonstrate empathy, Develop rapport, Listening, Use of humor, Trustworthy, Motivated, Tactful, Reflective
  • Creative Skills Idea creation, Painting / Drawing, Designing, Color coordination, Writing, Innovative, Remodeling, Artistic talent, Craft talent, Acting, Spatial relations, Performing arts, Developing
  • Public Relations Skills Planning, Conducting, Maintaining favorable image, Informing the public, Consulting, Write news releases, Researching, Representing, Work with people, Work under stress, Work long hours, Word odd hours, Media process, Human relations
  • Sales Skills Contacting, Persuading, Reviewing products, Inspecting products, Determining value, Informing buyers, Promoting sales, Work outdoors/indoors, Work with people, Work under stress, Work long hours, Knowledge of products, Human relations, Financing, Budgeting, Marketing, Advertising
  • Language Skills Writing, Editing, Communicating verbally, Proofreading, Public speaking, Negotiating, Persuading, Motivating, Teaching/training, Foreign languages (written and verbal)
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