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UTSA Outreach Council Minutes

The University Of Texas at San Antonio
Outreach Council
Downtown Campus- FS 4.452
 June 19, 2007

Members Present: Dr. Jude Valdez (Chair), Lisa Blazer, Jane Burton, Dr. John Davis, Belinda Dominguez, Rick Gonzalez, Dennis Haynes, Lynn Hickey,  Dr. Jeffrey Kantor, Dave Kapalko, Marianne Lewis, Linda Lopez –George, Lawson Magruder, Bob McKinley,  Dan Pena attended for Dave Hernandez and Dr. Nancy Martin attended for Dr. Betty Merchant

Members Absent: Eugene Dowdy, George Norton,

The meeting was called to order at approximately 3:05 p.m. by council chair, Dr. Jude Valdez.

Dr. Valdez began the meeting by welcoming the council members. He briefly reviewed the purpose of the outreach council. He stated that in addition to the council disseminating and sharing outreach information, promoting collaboration where outreach interests may overlap and fostering and encouraging the exchange of ideas and avoiding duplication  the Outreach Council is now  also charged with assisting in preparing an annual report of UTSA outreach activities.

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and Dave Kapalko moved that the minutes be accepted as written. Lynn Hickey seconded the motion. The motion was voted on and passed.

Dr. Valdez called upon Belinda Dominguez to report on the Outreach Councils Task Group and the outreach inventory work plan that had been assigned to them. Belinda Dominguez reported that the group, (which included Bob McKinley, Dennis Haynes and George Norton had met on April 24, 2007 and had come up with a recommended work plan. The plan included developing a letter or memo to accompany a survey. The survey would be developed utilizing Survey Monkey and to be more effective would be sent to staff in July and faculty in early September. It was recommended that at the end of September other outreach activities that had not been reached with the survey would be contacted individually. The survey results would then be compiled and a summary report completed.

Belinda Dominguez then reviewed the survey with the council and a full discussion of the survey was held.  It was mentioned that the results of the survey may be able to assist the council in developing a community outreach website in the future that may be modeled after ASU’s site ( ASU’s site was reviewed. The group also suggested that the survey be reviewed by a UTSA survey expert before sending it out.  Belinda Dominguez said she would revise the survey before sending it to the group electronically for review.
In a discussion of new business, Dr. Valdez asked the council to consider whether there were other persons in areas of UTSA outreach that should be nominated to serve on the council.  The council nominated, Bill Angrove because of his work with Distance Education, Marlon Anderson who is the new Director of Inclusion and Community Engagement, Mary McNaughton Cassill because of her work with service learning and Bruce Howard because of his work in Career Services as a liaison with the business community. Belinda Dominguez added that UTSA student, Dante Washington had been nominated and agreed to serve as a student representative at the invitation of Dr. Jude Valdez, Outreach Council chair.  Dante Washington is a junior and a communications major at UTSA.

Dr. Valdez announced that the next meeting would be held in the fall semester and the council members would be notified.  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:30 p.m.