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UTSA Outreach Council Minutes

The University Of Texas at San Antonio
Outreach Council-Inaugural Meeting
Downtown Campus- FS 4.452
March 29, 2007

Members Present: Dr. Jude Valdez (Chair), Lisa Blazer, Belinda Dominguez, Dr. Chon Garza, Dennis Haynes, Dave Hernandez, Dr. Jeffrey Kantor, Dave Kapalko, Lawson Magruder, Bob McKinley, Dr. Betty Merchant, George Norton

Members Absent: Jane Burton, Dr. John Davis, Eugene Dowdy, Rick Gonzalez, Lynn Hickey, Marianne Lewis, Linda Lopez-George.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 2:10 p.m. by council chair, Dr. Jude Valdez.

Dr. Valdez began the meeting by discussing the charge issued by UTSA President Ricardo Romo to form an Outreach Council. He noted that much work is done by committees on a university campus but a council may only be established by the University President.  The membership of the Outreach Council is comprised of individuals assigned by and representing each Vice Presidential area. Additional members may also be appointed by the Vice President of Community Services. The council will plan to meet quarterly but initially it may meet every six weeks as we begin to form the council.

The purpose of the Outreach Council is to disseminate and share outreach information, promote collaboration where outreach interests may overlap and to foster and encourage the exchange of ideas and avoid duplication. A history of outreach was discussed as well as what outreach means at UTSA. Dr. Valdez asked the council to review the handout on Strategic Initiative IV: Serving the Public through Community Engagement from the UTSA Strategic Plan 2016 draft. He specifically asked the group to review the goals and a discussion was held on how UTSA Outreach currently applies to each goal.

Outreach at UTSA was described as robust, comprehensive, rich and decentralized. Dr. Valdez noted that our preliminary work plan should include an inventory of Outreach Activities and developing a mechanism for disseminating information. Council members suggested that assessing what we already have should be a second step in the work plan. It was also suggested that when we look at the effectiveness of our outreach we should consider how it aligns with the strategic plan. By tying it in to the strategic plan we could see where we currently are and where we need to go. Dr. Valdez noted the dissemination of outreach information of peer universities such as Arizona State University, University of Georgia and Ohio State University

Dr. Valdez appointed Belinda Dominguez, Director of Community Outreach to chair a committee to develop a framework for carrying out the work plan and bring back to the next council meeting. He asked for volunteers to assist on the committee. Dennis Haynes, George Norton and Bob McKinley agreed to join the committee. Handouts were distributed.

Dr. Valdez announced that the next meeting would be held in about six weeks and the council members would be notified.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:07 p.m.