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UTSA Outreach Council

Community ConnectThe UTSA Outreach Council was established in 2007 by President Ricardo Romo. The purpose is to collect, analyze, and disseminate engagement/outreach activity information throughout the institution; to promote collaboration where outreach interests may overlap; to foster community engagement and the exchange of ideas; and to provide a forum for community representatives to express their assessment of the institution's community engagement activities.

The council includes representatives from university departments and colleges as well as community representatives from various sectors. The council meets twice a year and is chaired by the Vice President for Community Services.

To learn more, visit Community Connect, an annual magazine providing a snapshot of UTSA's multifaceted involvement with the community:

Minutes of Last Council Meeting

November 18, 2013 Minutes

Council Members

Aaron Cassill, Professor, Department of Biology
Albert Carrisalez, Director for External Affairs and Corporate Relations
Alegra Lozano, Assistant Director of Recruitment and Student Programs
Angelica Docog, Executive Director, UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures
Audrey Magnuson, Director, University Career Center
Chelsea Brooks, Graduate Recruiter
Deborah Mangold, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Eugene Dowdy, Director of Orchestras
Francine Romero, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for the College of Public Policy
George Norton, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Howard Smith, Associate Professor in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies
Jean Luc Mette, Communications Coordinator
Jeanne Russell, Chief Strategist, SA2020
Zach Dunn, President of the UTSA Student Government Association
Joseph Kulhanek, Assistant Vice President for P-20 initiatives
Jude Valdez, Vice President for Community Services
Laura Murray, Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni Programs
Lisa Blazer, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Lisa Montoya, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Lynn Hickey, Athletic Director
Mehdi Shadaram, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering
Nancy Martin, Associate Vice Provost
Raul "Rudy" Reyna, Executive Director, Prefreshman Engineering Program
Rey Saldana, City Councilmember
Robert McKinley, Associate Vice President for Economic Development
Scott Sherer, Associate Professor of Art History
Steve Barrera, Chief of Police
Sue Ann Pemberton, Senior Lecturer, College of Architecture, Construction and Planning