FAST Benefits


Replaces Student Loans up to $10,000

The FAST Scholarship Program will provide up to $10,000 in financial support. The actual amount of the scholarship will be determined by the UTSA Financial Aid Office.

Enrollment in the UTSA Honors College

The Honors College provides a unique educational experience for academically talented students with a commitment to excellence. The Honors College offers a considerable academic and social network compared to regular UTSA enrollment.

Honors College Housing Priority

During their first year, FAST Scholars will have the opportunity to live on campus in specially arranged Honors College housing. This housing includes academic enrichment such as special colloquia and study arrangements as well as social activities aimed at high performing students.

Priority Registration

Enhanced advising and early enrollment by the Honors College will enable FAST Scholars to assemble individualized degree plans and enter courses at optimal times for degree progress.

Smaller Class Size

FAST Scholars will enroll in special Honors College undergraduate sections of introductory biology and chemistry (and other courses) that have greatly reduced student/teacher ratios, enriched academic content, and special academic support components.

Individual Mentoring with UTSA Faculty

In the first year, each FAST Scholar will meet with a faculty mentor to jointly construct a Professional Development Plan and to discuss expectations and how to avoid common pitfalls. In their second year, FAST Scholars will select a faculty mentor who will guide their progress through completion of their degree.

Undergraduate Peer Mentoring

Each FAST Scholar will be assigned an upper division student guide in their area of interest. This student guide will provide advice, mentoring, and support for academic progress through the second year. After the second year, FAST Scholars will be well connected with more advanced students who can continue this mentoring process.

Career and Research Skills Preparation

FAST Scholars will participate in professional development, scientific communication, grant writing, and leadership workshops. The FAST program will also organize monthly gatherings that provide the opportunity to communicate and interact with local scientists as well as select faculty.

Local and National Research Conference Attendance

FAST Scholars will have the opportunity to attend the annual UTSA College of Sciences Research Conference, the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) conference, as well as regional or national conferences in their discipline of interest.