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Research Experience in Forest Restoration and Management for Students from a Hispanic Serving Institution

This project supports UTSA students to participate in research activities with various projects being conducted by research scientists from the US Forest Service Southern Research Station. The students will be working on five different projects:

  1. effects of acidic deposition on litter decomposition
  2. the role of climate change on hydrology and seed dispersal of native and non-native plants along the Middle Tennessee River
  3. changes in soil conditions in high spruce-fir forests
  4. changes in herpetofauna in response to silviculture practices
  5. changes in small mammals in response to silviuculture practices

The research projects will be associated with Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory and Bent Creek Experimental Forest, and the research conducted at sites including Natahala National Forest, Cold Mountain Gamelands, and Needmore Gamelands in North Carolina.