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Research Faculty and Staff

Dr. Richard Tangum

Richard Tangum

Director, Center for Urban and Regional
Planning Research
(210) 458-2559

Dr. Richard Tangum is the Coordinator of the graduate programs in Urban and Regional Planning and Director of the Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research within the College of Architecture at UTSA. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Texas Tech University, a Master of Architecture in Environmental Systems from Virginia Tech University, and a Doctorate in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.

He is a registered architect with more than 40 years of extensive and varied experience in architecture, housing, urban design, urban and regional planning, and economic development. As a project director and researcher, he has been involved in the development of master plans for institutions, cities, districts, and neighborhoods in Europe, North and Central America, and Africa. He has directed studies within communities that address housing needs, commercial corridor and downtown district revitalization, pedestrian and traffic movement, and land utilization. As a Professor of Architecture and Planning, he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in housing, project development, urban and regional planning, sustainability, and urban design. His research focuses on affordable housing, sustainable community design and planning, and regional development. Dr. Tangum holds two patents for an affordable housing building system.

Dr. Maggie Valentine

Maggie Valentine

Professor of Architecture & Planning
(210) 458-3036

Dr. Maggie Valentine teaches history and theory of architecture, interior design, and urban planning for both graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Architecture at UTSA. She holds a B.A. in history from California State University and a Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning from UCLA. Before coming to UTSA, she taught at California State University, University of California at Los Angeles, SciARC, and Montana State University.

Her research interests include the social context of architecture, regionalism, and the spirit of place. She has published books, articles, and chapters in these areas. She is the author of The Show Starts on the Sidewalk: An Architectural History of the Movie Theatre (Yale); The Architecture of Democracy ( with Charles Jencks); and a series of Oral Histories documenting life at Taliesin (UCLA, the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation). She has also co-authored several master plans for communities in South Texas.

Dr. Azza Kamal

Senior Lecturer of Architecture & Planning
(210) 458-3136

Azza Kamal

Dr. Azza Kamal holds a Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning from Cairo University (Egypt), a Master of Science in Architecture from Texas A&M University, and a Master of Science in Architecture from Cairo University (Egypt). She teaches graduate courses in Urban Planning Research Methods and Masters Project Preparation Research in the planning and architecture graduate programs. Dr. Kamal also teaches upper level, and research-driven studios in the Bachelor of Sciences Architecture program. Before joining UTSA, she was an assistant professor at Morgan State University in Baltimore, and she taught in Egypt’s public and private universities.

Dr. Kamal’s research interests include housing assessment, unplanned communities’ growth, morphology of housing and quasi-rural settlements, workforce housing forecasts, self-help housing policy, and GIS applications in housing assessment and land development. She administered several grants dealing with housing assessments and programs, and documentation of informal housing in the Texas- Mexico border. She was a senior investigator in multidisciplinary research on homeless resource centers in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work is published in national and international journals and conference proceedings

Dr. Hazem Rashed-Ali

Associate Professor
(210) 458-3087

Hazem Rashed-Ali

Dr. Rashed-Ali is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture. He teaches design studios, undergraduate and graduate courses on building technology and a graduate seminar on digital performance simulation. Dr. Rashed-Ali holds a Ph.D. in Architecture from Texas A&M University, a M.S. in Architecture, with a specialization in energy-efficient buildings from Oxford Brookes University in the UK, and a B.S. in Architecture from Ain Shams University in Egypt. Before coming to UTSA, Dr. Rashed-Ali taught architecture at Texas A&M University and at Tanta University in Egypt.

Dr. Rashed-Ali’s current research interests include sustainable architecture and urbanism with an emphasis on minimizing the negative environmental impacts of the built environment through the design of high-performance, energy-efficient, and carbon neutral buildings and communities. His work focuses on the use of performance simulation at both urban and building scales to allow designers and policy-makers to reach more informed decisions. Dr. Rashed-Ali is currently involved in several research projects including developing a neighborhood sustainability assessment tool for the City of San Antonio, developing an augmented reality/ game environment for introducing the principles of high performance buildings to high school students and the general public, and conducting energy audits for small businesses in San Antonio and the South Texas region. He is also involved in developing a campus sustainability plan for the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dr. Rashed-Ali’s work is published in a variety of national and international conferences in architecture and sustainability.

Ernest Gerlach

Senior Fellow, Center for Urban and Regional
Planning Research

Ernest Gerlach

Ernest Gerlach is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research within the College of Architecture at UTSA. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences and a Master of Science in Urban Studies from Trinity University in San Antonio. He also holds a Master of Arts in Public Administration from UTSA.

Mr. Gerlach has over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of rural and economic development, business development, community and regional planning, public policy research, management consulting and strategic planning. Prior to becoming a Senior Fellow at the Center, he served as Project Coordinator for the Rural Business Program with the South-West Texas Border Small Business Development Center Network – Institute for Economic Development at UTSA. Before that he was the Director of the Center for Economic Development within the Institute for Economic Development.

His research interests include sustainable development, the development of competitive economic regions, economic and demographic research and the dynamics of rural development. He has co-authored several community studies in South Texas and has directed projects focusing on the provision of technical and research support, strategic planning assistance, business and economic development services to local governments, communities, economic development corporations, chambers of commerce and councils of government in South and West Texas and the Border Region.

Bert Moyer

Research Assistant II, Center for Urban & Regional
Planning Research
(210) 458-2651

Bert Moyer

Bert Moyer is a Research Assistant at the Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Architecture from the University of Texas at San Antonio. As a researcher, he has been involved in numerous planning and downtown revitalization studies for communities and counties. His expertise includes developing detailed visualization models of cities and regions, and geographic information systems. Bert has also been a consultant for commercial developers in providing schematic and conceptual concepts for development projects.