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The UTSA East Asia Institute is a part of the office of Vice Provost for International Initiatives.



May 28, 2009
Corporate Diversity Leadership Council Meeting

Dr. Don Lien talked about business culture of China at the Corporate Diversity Leadership Council (CDLC) meeting, held by HEB. The Corporate Diversity Leadership Council is comprised of partners from different functions and levels within HEB. Some of the objectives of the Leadership Council are to identify opportunities for improvement around the work force and with marketplace diversity, to identify initiatives for change, and to create new policies, strategies or practices related to diversity management.

May 27, 2009
When the East Meets the West
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month’s Past, Present, and the Future

Ms. Mimi Yu talked at the HEB APA Heritage Month Lunch & Learn Event about Asian American cultures, the history of the APA month, proper international business etiquette, and about the development of Asian Americans in the U.S. from the 19th century to present.

May 20, 2009
Meeting with the Texas Diversity Council of San Antonio

Dr. Don Lien and Ms. Mimi Yu attended a monthly meeting at the Texas Diversity Council of San Antonio and networked with their board members to introduce UTSA's East Asia Institute and to help promote awareness of East Asian countries and cultures. TXDC is a member of the National Diversity Council. Their mission is to provide an environment for organizations where they can learn diversity issues from the top corporate leaders.

May 19, 2009
Dr. Don Lien Invited to Speak on Confucianism and Business Culture in China

The strategic role of China in the world has become more and more significant nowadays. Institutes, as well as enterprises, are more interested in business cooperation with China. Invited by the Nationwide Insurance Corporation of San Antonio, one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, Dr. Don Lien gave a speech about Confucianism and business culture in China.

April 28, 2009
UTSA Architecture Professor Taeg Nishimoto Lectures on "Japanese Sensitivity of Space"

Throughout its history, Japan has developed a unique sense of space: socially, culturally and aesthetically. While this uniqueness is unidentifiable as a singular characteristic, there are many observable aspects and elements that constitute the Japanese style in cities, architecture, gardens, paintings and literature. Professor Nishimoto’s lecture reveals some of those aspects and elements, such as distance, time, boundaries, thresholds, articulations, lighting and shadows, juxtapositions and layers, and their interrelationships among each other, as well as how they are applied by modern architects into historical and contemporary buildings.

EAI In the News

May 14, 2009
East Asia Institute receives $2 million gift

The University of Texas at San Antonio's commitment to prepare its students for a global workplace and offer them a wider view of the world and its people has been strengthened because of a $2 million gift for the UTSA East Asia Institute from international businessman Richard S. Liu. Read More at UTSA Today

May 13, 2009
East Asia Institute receives $2 million gift

Chinese businessman Richard Liu has donated $2 million to the University of Texas at San Antonio's East Asia Institute, created in 2008 at Liu's urging. The university's largest single donor, Liu has given $6.3 million over the past decade.Read More on San Antonio Express News