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Pre-AP® Middle School Science

Workshop Description

This Pre-AP Science session will focus on the major components of a middle school curriculum anchored in the skills, concepts, and habits of mind needed for success in Advanced Placement Science courses.

Learning Outcomes

To become more:

  • Identifying the skills and concepts necessary for success in AP Science.

  • Understanding what these skills and concepts are and how they can be applied at a Pre-AP level to achieve student success.

  • Developing realistic and practical Pre-AP strategies to prepare their students for long-term academic success.

What Participants Should Bring:

  • Curriculum requirements and/or standards

  • A successful lesson plan including several labs

  • Colored Pencils

  • Post-it notes

  • Computer

Course Outline

  • Identifying skills necessary for success in an AP setting

  • Vertically aligning the Pre-AP class to the AP

  • Pre-AP curriculum and strategies

  • Focus on the Pre-AP approach and reasoning

  • Pre-AP curriculum and strategies

  • Strategy focus: inquiry in the Pre-AP classroom

  • Application of strategies to teacher’s curriculum

  • Sharing ideas and strategies

  • Pre-AP curriculum and strategies

Consultant Bio

Lisa Tobias currently teaches Middle School science and the Elementary Science lab at St. Peter Prince of the Apostle School in San Antonio, TX. Mrs. Tobias started at St. Peter Prince in 2014. Prior to that, Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, and AP Chemistry at Central Catholic High School; Pre-AP Physics, Pre-AP Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics 1 at John Paul II Catholic High School in New Braunfels, TX; Pre-AP eighth grade physical science and sixth grade robotics. She has been teaching science since 2000.

Mrs. Tobias holds a BS in biology and history from Bates College and an MA in education from Barry University. She has been consulting for the College Board since 2007 in Pre-AP Science and inquiry-based laboratories, as well as science vertical teams, and is currently a consultant mentor.


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