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Employee Recognition Program Recipients

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Jennette Hughes,

Office of Financial Services & University Bursar


(L-R) Associate VP for Financial Affairs Janet Parker, Financial Services Associate I Jennette Hughes, and Director of Financial Services and Bursar Gary Lott

1Q FY 2010-2011

Financial Affairs recognizes Jennette Hughes as its first quarter (FY 2010-2011) winner of the Financial Affairs Employee Recognition Program Award.


When an unexpected, prolonged absence of a Financial Affairs office staff member occurred, Jennette initiated creative ways to address the increased responsibility. She coordinated with support staff to provide coverage for scheduling gaps, and performed several duties normally not required of her position.

While applying creative ways to handle the office's temporary lack of staff without the hiring of a temporary employee, Jennette also managed her daily office duties as Financial Services Associate I, handling customer appeals and questions with ample knowledge and thorough research. Situated at the front door of the office, Jennette is usually the first representative a student sees when visiting the office to discuss a situation. Jennette's calm, evenly spoken demeanor helps ease a frustrated student, avoiding conflict in order to communicate towards an effective resolution.

Recently, Jennette worked closely with the Director of Financial Services on a significant compliance project, reviewing six months of departmental deposit data to identify departments that had not submitted required cash handling forms. Further, she corresponded with these units to provide guidance and instruction to maintain compliance.

Jennette's daily efforts in the office, her creativity during an unexpected staffing shortage, as well as her positive outlook affect everyone, from her supervisors to the student community. Ultimately, Jennette helps UTSA foster a reputation of success by embodying Business Affairs' Guiding Principles to make success happen. Congratulations Jennette.

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