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Employee Recognition Program Recipients

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Blanca Garcia,

Fiscal Services and Collections

Financial Affairs is proud to recognize Blanca Garcia ...
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1Q BRAVO AWARD FY 2014 - 2015

Financial Affairs is proud to recognize Blanca Garcia, Lead Collections Specialist, Fiscal Services and Collections, as the winner of the BRAVO award in the 1st quarter FY 2014 recognition.

When the Associate Bursar for Fiscal Services and Collections was out for 3 months, Blanca stepped in and took over all the supervisory duties while maintaining her normal duties. Gary Lott, Director of Financial Services and Bursar, stated that because of Blanca's support and willingness to take on new tasks in her supervisor's absence, he was able to maintain his responsibilities and meet deadlines.

One of the duties Blanca took over was the handling of the daily cash positioning for UTSA. Blanca took the initiative for learning this process and came up with an efficient way of bringing questions to the Director on items she didn't fully understand. This process was a more effective use of her time as well as Director's.

In addition, processing times for scanned checks changed during this period to allow UTSA partial credit on the same day of the scan. This changed the way Blanca estimated daily cash in accordance with bank balance availability at Chase. Blanca changed the process to accommodate changes at our Bank. Blanca analyzed daily activity to determine an appropriate percentage based on checks scanned at a certain time during the day. This allowed us to avoid negative end-of-day balances due to more accurate estimates.

Blanca is very responsive to the needs of her co-workers as well as the students. The Director has observed Blanca assisting her co-workers when difficult student situations arise with accounts that are in collection. Blanca advises delinquent students every day about UTSA policy, while keeping in mind each student's needs.

While we can't satisfy everyone who wants our services, Blanca is objective and fair to each student, making suggestions and providing coherent explanations. She does this by being aware of pertinent policies and procedures. Her goal is to provide the assistance requested, while not going beyond policy or ethical restraints. I received no negative complaints during this period on our customer comment cards. Blanca is living the guiding principle: WE PARTNER to deliver excellent service.

Ms. Garcia provided supervisory oversight of two Collection Specialists during this time of her supervisor's absence ensuring activities were completed and the customer service provided remained excellent. Blanca understands the difficulty of working with collections activities and the contributions of the Collections staff and does an excellent job supporting her team members.

Blanca's positive attitude, leadership ability and willingness to step in and do whatever needs to be done exemplify her character and commitment to UTSA. She is truly a team player who lives by the Business Affairs brand: Partnering for Successful Solutions.

Thanks for a job well done, Blanca!

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