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Employee Recognition Program Recipients

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Becky Sanchez,

Capital Projects/Special Projects Accountant

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Becky Sanchez ...
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1Q BRAVO AWARD FY 2015 - 2016

Financial Affairs is pleased to recommend Becky Sanchez, Capital Projects/Special Projects Accountant as the winner of the BRAVO award during the 1st quarter of FY 2016.

Becky is a great example of someone who PARTNERs to deliver excellent customer service.She worked closely with Facilities for six months to help reorganize and transition processes in the wake of a key staff vacancy. At year-end, when certain financial reporting classifications were needed, Becky was innovative in coming up with unique ways to assist Facilities to make things as easy as possible for them. She also recently partnered with Facilities to communicate campus cost center NACUBO code changes to ensure campus was well-informed about those changes. Becky recognizes the knowledge of her colleagues, and does not hesitate to involve others as needed when issues arise that might need additional expertise. She also recognizes the value of sharing her own expertise when issues arise.

A parent and freshman student were incorrectly sent to the Controller’s Office and when they arrived, they were frustrated and confused. The student had an international fee charge on their statement that neither of them understood. Since the student was paying in-state tuition, they were confused about the fee and thought they were paying international rates. The front desk receptionist was making telephone calls to attempt to get an answer for them. However, when Becky overheard the conversation, she was quick to provide her insight. She took the time to print the tuition breakdown from UTSA’s website and thoroughly explained the designated fees and tuition to the student and parent. She was able to show them the difference in fees for resident vs. non-resident. They were very appreciative of her knowledge and helpfulness. This is another example of Becky PARTNERing to deliver excellent customer service as well as going above and beyond to DO the right thing. Although this was not a question that typically could be answered by the Accounting office, Becky had the knowledge from a previous position she held in Financial Affairs. On their way out, the freshman student replied, “You all are the nicest people we have spoken to. Thank you.”This is definitely the perception we want to leave with incoming students. Becky took the initiative to assist frustrated customers to ensure that when they left, they did so as happy, satisfied customers.

Becky has also been very active in assisting one of our new accountants. As she continues to learn her areas of responsibility, the new accountant has contacted Becky regarding several projects. Becky is always willing to answer questions and provide suggestions. In doing, so, Becky takes the time to explain things so there is an understanding not only of how things are done, but also why they are done that way, demonstrating the guiding principle WE VALUE and empower people. She is a great resource and is very pleasant and knowledgeable. She takes the time to meet and review processes, and does so with care and consideration, also characterizing the guiding principle WE RESPECT and care for each other.

Becky also quickly learned the new processes associated with PeopleSoft. She continues to embrace PeopleSoft and often shares her positive outlook with the UTSA community, demonstrating a desire to CREATE positive change.

Becky is an invaluable employee.

Thanks for a job well done, Becky!

Jennette Hughes,

Financial Services Associate II

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Jennette Hughes ...
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2Q BRAVO AWARD FY 2015 - 2016

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Jennette Hughes, Financial Services Associate II, as the winner of the BRAVO 2nd Quarter FY 2016.

It is not often that a UTSA student nominates a staff member for recognition. However, Jennette was nominated for a BRAVO award by a UTSA student whom she supervises in the Fiscal Services office. The student provided specific examples to illustrate Jennette’ s commitment to excellence and how she demonstrates the Business Affairs Guiding Principles in her day-to-day work.

Jennette PARTNERS to deliver excellent service, showing great pride in her work. She strives to ensure that she is performing her duties as accurately as possible. This became a challenge when Jennette recently had to take over administrative duties in the office due to an employee being out on extended leave. These additional duties were unfamiliar to her, and were added to her already heavy workload. For the past six months, Jennette has stepped up to the task and worked diligently to learn how to process travel for the Director, and also assisted Fiscal Services offices in JPL and Downtown with Business Expense Forms. Jennette does not hesitate to seek clarification from the AVP office when she has questions about forms and processes. It is important to her that the documents she submit are accurate and error-free.

As a supervisor to a student in the office, Jennette takes the time to VALUE and empower people. She serves as a mentor, taking the time to ensure the student understands the tasks they are performing. She goes above and beyond to not only make sure the student understands the job, but also to ensure the student is performing well in their studies. She has helped her student personally with their studies to ensure student success. She really cares about the student and everyone she works with, a true example of someone who RESPECTS and cares for each other. If Jennette is frustrated, you wouldn’t know it because she always has a smile on her face. She continually assists students no matter how difficult the situation may be. She tries to find the positive in every situation and makes the students smile. She makes an honest effort to show them that she really does care. She ensures that students know how to complete required forms, answering questions and providing direction. She interacts with every student to make them feel important and to ensure everything is being done correctly.

Jennette operates fairly and makes sure she does so under the guidelines set forth. She is very honest and holds everyone accountable. She does not take shortcuts, but instead makes sure she is DOING the right thing. If Jennette doesn’t know the answer, she takes the time to research the issue or ask for assistance. She strives to ensure that she gives accurate information to students and coworkers.

To quote the student, “She really cares about me and everyone she works with.” Jennette truly makes everyone she encounters feel important.

Great job, Jennette!

Tammy Anthony,

Associate Director

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Tammy Anthony ...
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3Q BRAVO AWARD FY 2015 - 2016

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Tammy Anthony, Associate Director, as the winner of the BRAVO 3rd Quarter FY 2016.

There are many reasons that Ms. Anthony should receive this award. Most importantly, she embodies the guiding principles of the Financial Affairs division, going above and beyond to provide excellent service to fellow employees in both Financial Affairs and other divisions at UTSA. Specifically, Tammy has played a critical role in assisting the UTSA community to manage the change brought with the implementation of the PeopleSoft system. She has been on a variety of task forces with goals including: improving staff understanding of this complex system, developing tools to assist staff do their work in an accurate and efficient manner, and collaborating with staff at the System level to troubleshoot and implement strategic customizations. In all of these efforts she has exemplified the guiding principles which guide our division.

Tammy is committed to PARTNERING to delivering high-quality customer service. She does this by coming together with administrators across campus to identify areas for improvement and then working collaboratively to resolve the situation in a way that takes into consideration everyone's needs. This is a difficult task, and one that not many people can do as capably as Ms. Anthony. She is able to do this because she shows great RESPECT and care for her fellow employees. She listens to the perspectives and needs of others and masterfully leads the group to solutions despite differing opinions and points of view. The results of her collaborative and creative efforts include improved training modules for front office staff including a job aide, and the Summer Assignment Master Spreadsheet (SAMS) to improve the accuracy of summer faculty contracts. She has been very instrumental in identifying issues while understanding the bigger picture. She unselfishly proposes solutions to make UTSA a better place, and takes into account the end customer as well as intermediate customers along processes that affect various administrative units.

Tammy always has a positive attitude and is an excellent communicator. She demonstrates respect for her colleagues and also genuine concern for their goals and their overall well-being. She has worked with teams that include members from several divisions on campus including myriad departments in Academic Affairs and Research. Her professionalism and leadership combined with her communication skills make her very effective in cross-divisional teams. She is able to manage differing points of view and even flaring tempers in a calming and professional manner and always re-focuses the group on the task at hand. She did this artfully when she worked for over a year with groups from Academic Affairs, Human Resources, Payroll, Research and Budget to identify the root causes of contractual errors on both the HCM and FMS sides of PeopleSoft. Her expert knowledge of PeopleSoft combined with her leadership and interpersonal skills were crucial in reaching a successful outcome. When the situation was fraught with misunderstanding and finger-pointing, she stayed calm, stuck to the facts and remained in control. Her solution-orientation makes her very effective at achieving her goals. Moreover, all members of that team will testify to the importance of Tammy's influence in working through various issues on the path to the final resolution. Her natural tendency is toward problem-solving. When faced with a problem or conflict, she immediately focuses on root causes rather than symptoms and avoids the blame game, opting instead to focus the group on the issues and potential solutions.

Tammy has consistently contributed her technical expertise and superior leadership skills to many PeopleSoft-oriented projects. Her patience when working out a problem is invaluable. She takes the time to consider all the contributing factors such as operational policies, regulations, and compliance without rushing into a solution. Furthermore, she is a team player who always highlights the contributions of other team members, never calling attention to herself and her contributions. She does all this excellent work selflessly and for the good of UTSA as an institution but never pointing out her role in these efforts. This provides the perfect opportunity for us as her colleagues to DO the right thing by REWARDING and RECOGNIZING her for her meritorious job performance.

Fantastic job, Tammy!

Rosanne Gorny, Senior Associate Director of Financial Services and University Bursar Office and the Surplus Team


Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize ...
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4Q BRAVO AWARD FY 2015 - 2016

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Rosanne Gorny, Senior Associate Director of Financial Services and University Bursar Office and the Surplus Team, as the winner of the BRAVO 4th Quarter FY 2016.

During the past six months, the Surplus Department experienced extensive staff turnover in a relatively short period of time, including the supervisory position. Despite the vacancies, Roseanne took the time to consider ways to improve and CREATE positive change and did so by refreshing Surplus processes, listening to and meeting customer needs and supporting the UTSA community to function more effectively.

The previous Surplus process required submission of forms and a subsequent email response. Under that system, it could sometimes take weeks for Surplus requests to be completed. The Surplus team implemented an Outlook scheduling process and established a goal to pick up surplus items within five business days. Customers now receive an immediate Outlook meeting request scheduling the item pick up, which has eliminated the delay in pick-ups and deliveries of surplus items.

Surplus items have also been made available through a recently implemented on-line portal. Surplus now takes photos of items and posts the equipment photos on their website. Staff are then able to view most items from the comfort of their office. In addition, they also implemented a Friday “walk-in” time to allow staff to visit the Surplus department without an appointment to view available equipment. The result is an increase in requests for surplus items. This new process promotes recycling and re-use of many gently-used pieces of equipment, allowing campus to see what is available before they purchase from an outside vendor. Surplus strives to DO the right thing by exercising good stewardship over university resources. And, they have done so with creativity and ingenuity.

Another goal of the Surplus team was to urge the UTSA community to think about an old, relatively regular process in an innovative new way. They took feedback from their customers as constructive criticism and aimed to make positive changes based on their customer needs. In order to promote their recycling initiative, the Surplus department was creative and designed and distributed coasters made from recycled tires to highlight this initiative. The coasters were distributed at Financial Area Representatives meetings, Day-One activities and upon request.

Rosanne and the Surplus team also took the time to review their presence on-line and update verbiage to reflect more positivity. Rather than telling customers what is not allowed or what they cannot do, the system now informs customers on what they can do. They work diligently to deliver consistent high-quality service. To use resources more wisely, the Surplus team also took advantage of a contract clause which provided for auction house staff to set up and stage the online auctions, at no additional cost to UTSA. They have also reached out to Facilities management to secure an invitation to project stakeholder meetings so they are more aware of upcoming initiatives and are better able to support the project managers and campus community when special equipment removals are needed to support upcoming projects. These are just a few examples of how the Surplus Property department PARTNERS to deliver excellent service.


Wonder job team!

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