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Employee Recognition Program Recipients

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Nora Compean and Elisabeth Cuadros,

Disbursements and Travel Services

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Nora Compean and Elisabeth Cuadros ...
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1Q BRAVO AWARD FY 2017 - 2018

Financial Affairs is pleased to recognize Nora Compean and Elisabeth Cuadros, Disbursements and Travel Services, as recipients of the FY 2017 1st Quarter BRAVO award.

As leaders in Disbursements and Travel Services, Nora and Elisabeth PARTNERED to deliver excellent service and CREATE positive change as they worked to implement workflow for UTSAs Travel and Expense payment processes. These processes include: Travel Authorization, Travel Advance, and Expense Reports.

Nora and Elisabeth COLLABORATED with PSSC, SIS, and approximately 50 front-office staff from across campus to conduct hundreds of hours of testing and analysis. They tested 160 different scenarios, which were all tested five or six times because of database changes. They also participated in meetings with SIS personnel and also collaborated with Human Resources on training development.

Implementing change can be difficult, especially when it affects the entire campus community. However, Nora and Elisabeth worked diligently to CREATE positive change. Considering the responses from a Travel Survey which was sent to nearly 4,200 faculty and staff, Nora and Elisabeth worked hard to MEET customer needs and incorporated various changes based on travel survey responses (see attached.)

Implementing Workflow not only affected UTSA, but other Shared Services campuses as well, and implementing changes meant ensuring those changes were not only doable, but also acceptable to all affected. However, Nora and Elisabeth were not hindered by PeopleSoft limitations, as they recommended over ten change requests that other institutions also agreed to. For example, Nora and Elisabeth recommended changing the email notification process, changing the actions available to users and adding Executive delegation ability.

Despite delays in obtaining necessary system changes, multiple database changes and the need for re-testing and a thrice delayed implementation date, Nora and Elisabeth did not lose sight of the fact that the implementation would succeed. They maintained a positive attitude and an excitement for the implementation, and served as change management agents for the Disbursements and Travel Services office. As a result, benefits to the Expense Report process now include:

  • Eliminated duplicate processes
  • Scanned and attached documentation makes details of an expense report readily available in PeopleSoft
  • Able to see the current status of travel documents and where they are in the routing process
  • Issues with travel documents can be sent back immediately to the Creator, eliminating reliance on emails or paper document routing
  • Email notifications throughout the process

Finally, as a result of their heavy involvement in leading the workflow efforts for all Shared Services campuses, Nora now serves as the UTShare A/P functional lead.

Thanks for a job well done, Nora and Elisabeth!

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