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Financial Affairs

Deposit Transmittal Form

Description: Used by departments/divisions when submitting a cash, check or credit card   deposit to Fiscal Services.

Last Revised On: 05/02/2014

Owner/Host: Fiscal Services

Download File: Excel

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Revision History:

  • 05/02/2014: Updated DEFINE information for transition to PeopleSoft.

  • 12/14/2012: Seperated instructions on separate sheet. Included more rows to reduce the amount of forms needed to be submitted.

  • 01/17/2012: Changed the Credit Card Discount Fee sub-account from 92 to 95.

  • 01/02/2012: Changed the credit card payment convenience fee (i.e. discount charge) from 1.855% to 2.0%.

  • 09/23/2010: Modified the DTN description. The DTN field can also be used to record various advance numbers, such as travel or participant advances.

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