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Central Processing Area:

The processing area above contains the following desks. Each desk contains mulitple DEFINE commands that provide users with different types of access. To view a detailed list of commands and access levels, click on a Desk Name.

Desk Name Description
Create desk for Disbursement's Accounts Payable section - Accounting Clerks, etc.
Create desk for Financial Services staff
View access for all affiliated Business Affairs personnel
Final approval desk for Cash Receipts (CRV) documents - Accountant personnel
Create desk for all Fiscal Services Personnel to process Cash Receipts (CRV) documents
Receiving desk for IDT's (VT5) created by departmental users
Receiving desk for all Travel (VP5) documents created by departmental users for final payment
Create desk for Vendor Set-ups and maintenance - limited access by Disbursements
Final approval desk for Voucher Payments (VP1 & VP2) documents created by ACCTSPAY desk
Create desk for system generated Student Stipend payments (VP2 & VP3) documents from Banner
Final approval desk for system generated Student Stipend payments (VP1 & VP2) documents from Banner
Secondary approval desk for system generated Foreign Student Stipend payments (VP2) - Payroll Tax Validation
Default desk for Disbursement's/Travel (0250VOU) Processing Office


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