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Central Processing Area:

The processing area above contains the following desks. Each desk contains mulitple DEFINE commands that provide users with different types of access. To view a detailed list of commands and access levels, click on a Desk Name.

Desk Name Description
Update Payroll Parking deduction information by the Parking Office staff
Create desk for Payroll Office staff used for processing Payroll documents & transactions
View access for Payroll data to individuals requiring necessary information
Default desk for Payroll (0255PAY) Processing Office - Approval desk for documents created within Payroll
View access for Information Technology analyst requiring access to appointment data for reporting purposes
Access to Payroll data required by Human Resources - Benefits, Comp. & Employment staff
Access to Payroll data required by Human Resources - Comp., Records, Relations staff
View access by UT Austin Payroll staff for data validation purposes


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